SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing Nearly A Sin by One The Juggler.

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I must confess that for whatever reason until receiving this album OTJ flew completely under my radar back in 1984 when this was first released. Their best known single ‘Passion Killer’ rang a distant bell and that was all. So here for the first time on CD is this release with an additional nine bonus tracks for good measure. So what do we have, well the immediate impression is of a post punk band with glam rock leanings and the odd touch of strings ala ABC. I try to avoid comparisons but I don’t think anyone would argue with the obvious Bowie/Mott/Roxy vibe going on here. Indeed Bowie was a hero to the band and Mick Ronson was lined up for the producers chair on the follow up album. N.A.S. needs, in my view, a good few listens to get the aforementioned influences out of the head and get down to the essence of the band. Clever lyrics and some memorable melodies emerge ‘Djangos Coming’ and ‘Damage Is Done’ are two examples. The interplay between acoustic and electric guitar is neat and the band can certainly rock when they want to. I get the overall feeling that like so many bands OTJ were no doubt a great ‘live’ act who didn’t quite capture their all on disc.
However if you like glam rock with a twist you’ll love this and the quality of the recording is first class. The band has recently reformed and will be playing gigs. I think its quite possible i’ll go along to one!

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Janet Crowl…. Did you get to a gig Alan?

Alan Esdaile… No sorry missed them, so did Colin Bell who wrote the review. However keep us updated on any future gigs.


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