Gramovox Floating Record – what are your thoughts on this?

Phil Gill… OK, it’s nice, but three observations. Jukeboxes have been playing vertical vinyl since the 1940s. And gravity is a very efficient force which was put there for us to harness for free. Which is why the horizontal turntable is a cheaper, more efficient device. And the average punter can’t real discern the difference between a £500 turntable and a £5000 turntable. Hifi has a lot of smoke and mirrors. On a scale of 1 to 100, £750 will get you up to 95. £5,750 will get you up to 97. And your ears will be hard pressed to notice £5,000 worth of difference.

Chris Meachen… A very attractive gadget, but I’d not trust my precious vinyl on one. Much prefer decent vintage hifi;- I’m still using the amp I bought new over 35 years ago….

Phil Gill… So, still in mono then Chris?

Chris Meachen… Haha… Only the photos from back then, Phil..

Phil Gill… I’d love to spend some time with you looking through those photos Chris. You documented our youth.

Alan Esdaile… Likewise Phil would love to look through Chris’s photos. Perhaps we can get him to bring some along to the next SMART meeting?


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