Beware of Mr Baker – Ginger Baker documentary.


repeated on BBC1 Tuesday 7th July 2015 – 10.40pm. Worth watching.

Chris Giles… I’ll be recording that to watch later

Robert Searle… I thought he lived in Kent now

Colin Fox… I watched it last night. Speaks his mind doesn’t he?

Steve Kinch… Have vague memories of playing cricket with him in the early 80s… or maybe I dreamt it!

Martin Richter… just catching up on the I-player 🙂

Jane Hartley… Just watched it in i player. He’s very opinionated, but it was his life, felt Jay could have done his research a bit better.

Richard J Porter… He used to commute most, if not every day, from this area, he travelled with a mutual friend and two more opposites you couldn’t find. However, they still have great affection for each other. We saw him in Rye a couple of years ago. Maybe he was playing to the camera?

Alex Chapman… I thought that it was excellent and well worth watching! Honest and accurate


Joe Loss and his orchestra, The Dark Blues plus Spyke. Hastings Police Ball. White Rock Pavilion. 8th May 1972.

img176 joe loss

Peter Millington… Remember this evening very well, at least I thought I did. Looks like we (SPYKE) did 2 Gigs with Joe Loss. The first 28th March 1971 with The Roberto Bernardi Quartette and again on 8th May 1972 with The Dark Blues. SPYKE = Ginger Millington, Chris Sayer, Ian Williams, Terry Chedzoy.


supplied by Jinks The Group

Radio 1 charity football match – Pilot Field mid 70’s by Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas… Dont know if anybody else on here remembers a charity football match up at the Pilot Field possibly mid 70’s.I recall my dad taking me i was about 6/7 and it was a Radio 1 side including Ed’Stewpot’Stewart,’Diddy’David Hamilton and im sure Tony Blackburn as well.Did i dream this or did it really happen? If it did anyone got any pics?

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman…  My husband remembers but no photos I’m afraid.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  It happened! I was there, but can’t remember date/year, sorry 😀

Alan Esdaile… Anyone confirm which disc jockeys played?

Darren Holmes… was it part of Bobby Drake’s testimonial – United beat Chelsea 2-1 midweek and then played an all star XI at the weekend!

Mark Randall… I  remember the same suspects playing at a Tonbridge FC match. Also Fraser Hines.

Andy Gunton… I was there Mark!

Roy Penfold… I’ve got vague memories of that – together with the testimonial mentioned by Darren.

Andrew Clifton… I  was there Matt and Ed Stewart.

Sarah Harvey… I don’t think it was Bobby Drake’s testimonial because this was the line-up for that match .


supplied by Sarah Harvey