Beware of Mr Baker – Ginger Baker documentary.


repeated on BBC1 Tuesday 7th July 2015 – 10.40pm. Worth watching.

Chris Giles… I’ll be recording that to watch later

Robert Searle… I thought he lived in Kent now

Colin Fox… I watched it last night. Speaks his mind doesn’t he?

Steve Kinch… Have vague memories of playing cricket with him in the early 80s… or maybe I dreamt it!

Martin Richter… just catching up on the I-player 🙂

Jane Hartley… Just watched it in i player. He’s very opinionated, but it was his life, felt Jay could have done his research a bit better.

Richard J Porter… He used to commute most, if not every day, from this area, he travelled with a mutual friend and two more opposites you couldn’t find. However, they still have great affection for each other. We saw him in Rye a couple of years ago. Maybe he was playing to the camera?

Alex Chapman… I thought that it was excellent and well worth watching! Honest and accurate


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