More classic Disc Jockey Ads from the 70’s.

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Anyone remember getting a potato?

Tony May… The D.J. sale was a MAJOR event in Hastings! I seem to remember that some people even slept outside the night before in sleeping bags to get hold of the new Duran Duran album for 10p. Alan used to do silly offers like that for the first ten customers. I used to LOVE the mystery bags though. 10 12″ singles for a pound or 10 7″ singles for a pound all sellotaped up in a D.J bag so all you could make out was the first and last inside. Bought loads of those bags every time!

Alan Esdaile… As the Disc Jockey was an important chart return shop and when no restrictions were in place, it was amazing what they gave away from freebies from the record companies, to get higher chart placings. I remember they had buy one new single and get a free record case or a free video cassette.

Mick O’Dowd… I got many a freebie from him including the pic disc single of FGTH Relax and a 12″ Michael Jackson megamix that was very limited edition.

Andre Martin… What some of you may not know, is that back iin the early 70s there was a potato shortage – crop failure I think, and this would have been something worth winning ! OK AJ did have a sense of humour and would use this in all sorts of adverts that he and I think it was Cliff at Berforts would produce. I have a great selection of his works – great memories.

Peter Fairless… We did like Big Al!

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