Beatles Day 2 – Marina Pavilion 8th April 2001

Beatles Day 2 outside

Beatles Day 2 inside

supplied by Andy Knight

Who remembers appearing or going to see this one?

Don’t forget Beatles Day 17 date has been announced as Sunday 3rd April 2016.

Pete Prescott… Susie Prescott typed this up in the Friday night. We then photo copied hundreds of them to be given out in the Sunday. It was probably as accurate as we would ever get as it was so close to the event. It was also the first “programme” she typed the programmes up until Beatles day 9.

John Wilde… And Expandis would like to offer their services.

Pete Prescott… Just give me a call and your in !

David Miller… I seem to remember Expandis playing “Should have known better” from “A Half-Dazed Newt” at one time….

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