Rosemary Lane Day – in support of The Bert Jansch Foundation – 22nd August 2015


Thanks to Alan King for posting this.

The Bell in Ticehurst is proud to announce the inaugural Rosemary Lane Day Guitar and Folk Festival – a unique event inspired by the musicianship, songwriting and enduring legacy of Bert Jansch, his patronage of The Bell and his time in Ticehurst.

The Line Up
Bonnie Dobson, Trembling Bells, Jon Allen, Polly and the Billets Doux, The Princes in The Tower, The Bert Jansch Foundation Scholarship performance, Lily Denning, Noisy Toys, The Ballad Of The Bell, guitar lessons, workshops and much more.

Adult tickets start at £15(+booking fee) for an all day ticket

Colin Norton… Wish that I could go…. Bonnie Dobson is the original author of  “Morning Dew”.

Alan Esdaile… Great song Colin by whoever does it. Love the Tim Rose version. I remember the early gigs I went to and most bands would play this.

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