Muller – 1970 – Regent Hotel.


MULLER Thursday Nights in 1970 at The Regent Hotel. Photo from Bertie Wiseman. Paul Dove, Steve Demetri, Paul Wiseman, Jon McCallion and manager at the end!

Jon McCallion… Great photo these were such good times.

Steve Kinch… Think I joined the band at the end of the Regent Hotel run. Good times indeed… just wish that I could remember them! :/

Paul Dove… Yes we’re great days Jon , am going to the next SMART meet would love to see you &  Steve K, maybe Paul W. I see Factory are reforming , well I have all the gear maybe Muller could do a one off gig who knows ??!! ❤️

Alan Esdaile… have past on a message to Paul Wiseman, it would be great if he turns up at the next meeting.

Bernie Wiseman… I will make sure he will come along.

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