Joy Beverley of The Beverley Sisters R.I.P.


Jim Breeds… Is she the last of them?

Alan Esdaile… It says the other sisters are still alive. Remember them on every variety show when I was growing up.

Jim Breeds… Me too. My Mum loved ’em. Me? Well at least they didn’t play Hawaiian guitars 🙂 Sunday Night At The London Palladium was the sort of show they kept on cropping up on I think. And on the BBC Light Programme.

Matt Thomas… Joy was the eldest and was married to footballer Billy Wright. Always appeared in the middle even when appearing in the audience of the ‘Audience with’ programmes.

Wendy Weaver… When I was a teenager they were in the Summer Show at the Pavilion in Bournemouth. I worked opposite and saw them almost on a daily basis. They were lovely and always dressed exactly the same right down to handbags, shoes and headbands. They were really friendly with everyone and were always smiling I think this must have been the year Joy married Billy Wright in Poole

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