More gigs I saw in the 70’s onwards, memories by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… The gigs I saw in the 70’s influenced me hugely. Still do. I was sorry to have missed Hendrix and Cream, gutted I wasn’t at the Isle of wight festival but I saw some amazing bands. Here in no particular order -: WISHBONE ASH. Central Hall Chatham (Graham and Karen how’s first date was there) PATTO at a football ground. Can’t remember where. Brilliant band. Ollie Hassell. What a player ! FOCUS maidstone collage. GENTLE GIANT/WILD TURKEY. Central hall Chatham. FREE (Kossoffs last tour with them. He was so bad but I was such a fan. DEEP PURPLE Edmonton sundown, just after they came back from Japan where they recorded made in Japan. The back cover shot is from the gig I was at. BAD COMPANY. 1st tour at the rainbow, 5 encores. They ran out of songs and did The Stealer. Girls were throwing themselves at the stage and fainting. Also saw them two years later. Rogers was amazing. He was very stroppy and he smashed a keyboard and threw a mic stand at some roadies. LED ZEP. Earls Court. I got bored to be honest but I was there. SILVERHEAD Dagenham Roundhouse. Stunning. ALEX HARVEY.same place. HUEY LEWIS st galle Switzerland. He and his band blew all the bands of the stage that day. THUNDER. Hammersmith. I love Danny Bowes! One of my favourite singers. ATOMIC ROOSTER. 73.i saw a lot of bands. But these came to mind.

Graham How… And we still see Wishbone Ash. The last time as Martin Turner’s at the White Rock a few months ago. Argus is still a great album!

Pete Prescott… Some gigs (for me)were not so good. BLACK SABBATH Albert Hall 71.and again on Ozzy’s last tour before he was sacked in 74. I know how good they could be but not in those nights. ERIC CLAPTON Zurich 85. he looked bored, I was. I saw him in a televised show a week later and he was brilliant. DEEP PURPLE Brighton. Joe Lynn Turner tour. Great singer. Crap front man. I’m sure many will want to take me to task about this at the next meeting !

Karen Sweatman was Blackman… Saw Deep Purple on same tour at Hammersmith. Love Joe Lynn Turner’s voice, but people seemed to not accept that Ian Gillan wasn’t going to be there. He was facing a battle he couldn’t win. Felt very sorry for him

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