Rollerball – Teach Me To Rock & Roll ABC Records Eastbourne 1978

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Produced by Terry Pack & Tony Bird. Thanks to Linda Day for supplying this. Anyone remember it?  This is what said about it… 

The banger racing duo of Michael Baldry and Gareth Jones were doing well during the summer of ’78. Their mutual love of getting smashed to pieces in a wrecked car was rivalled only by a passion for rock n’ roll. With Gareth nursing an unpleasant groin injury after a particularly competetive race, the pair quit the season early and picked up their instruments and their mates, Guitarist Bob Titherington, keyboardist Mark Hannington and drummer Pete Billings.

The ABC Records car in a scrap…
Before long the band was getting into some heavy writing and had at least an album’s worth of material. Lead vocalist and successful businessman, Michael Baldry, decided to bypass “the system” and set up his own label, ABC records. In the late 70’s this was way ahead of it’s time. Rollerball made the album “Teach Me To Rock N’ Roll” which got airplay on BBC and Capital radio and was featured by John Peel on Radio 1 as well as top DJ Paul Gambaccini.

Despite moderate success the Rollerball project eventually gave way to other priorities in it’s members lives. However, in 2003 the band members reformed to perform on the recording sessions for lead vocalist Michael Baldry’s solo works. The band obviously still had the old magic and it was decided to write some new material which resulted in the single “Mean Sister” .

Terry Pack… I never thought I’d hear of this again! I got a call to play a session, and got roped into doing a whole album. There were no songs, so we wrote them as we went along. My favourite was ‘More Collar’.

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