Who do you wish you had seen in concert but now its too late?

Having read the very interesting gig memories of Pete Prescott and his regrets of missing bands, I thought it might be interesting to start a new post on who you regret not seeing. A few that spring to mind for me are Matt Monroe, Dusty Springfield, The Cream & Jimi Hendrix.

Martyn Baker… Bobby Womack, Nirvana.

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Queen with Freddie, I would also have loved to see my Dad play with The Suspects in the sixties!

Matt Thomas… Ella Fitzgerald

Peter Millington… Buddy Holly and the Crickets, The Beatles

Sarah Harvey… That’s my secret……. signed: A very frustrated Zep fan 🙁

Alan Pepper… James Brown Marvin Gaye Otis Redding I could go on all night !! Great question though .

Mick Curtis… Free

Glenn Piper… Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Free (I’ve seen Paul Rogers live, but of course half of Free are deceased), Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd.

Alan Esdaile… Agree with Alan Pepper would have loved to see James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. Also Four Tops and The Bee Gees.

Chris Sambrook… To see Free between Tons of Sobs and Fire and Water,then have a good old stomp to Slade. Oh and Taste.

Pete Prescott…  Otis redding yeah matt Monroe and sinatra.Glenn miller.Beatles.would have loved to have been at Woodstock. Nick drake. Hendrix.never seen the stones.i would love to see prince one day. Elvis.eddie cochran.bluesbreakers with Clapton page beck green or Taylor. And the original free.

David Miller… Beatles, Hendrix and their like but currently Genesis on the Selling England by the Pound tour. Saw them around nursery Cryme and The Lamb but missed that peak (imho). I did see it performed by that splendid Canadian band The Musical Box who recreated that complete stage show with original props, slides etc. from Genesis themselves who have given TMB their blessing and seen and even played with them on-stage. Still…the originals would have been great…!

Wendy Weaver… Frank Sinatra

John Wilde… Marvin Gaye. The Beatles. The Stones with Brian Jones. Buddy Holly, Jeff Buckley.

Alex Chapman… Neil Young, I travelled across London with disabled friend to see him in a small, expensive venue and he did not turn up because he had a cold. He said he was going to do the gig at a later date but he never did and we did not get out money back. As much as I wanted to se him, I swore I would Never buy tickets again.

Terry Pack… I was a bit too young to see Cream or Hendrix. I think I saw most of the rock bands I wanted to see. Most were very good and a few we’re disappointing, but I saw and heard some good acts at Reading and on the road during the 70s and 80s. I’ve been lucky enough to have played festivals on the same bill as many great blues and jazz musicians. One of the perks of the job!

Patrick Lewis… The Grateful Dead on one of their rare trips to UK

David Miller… Mozart, Freddie and the Dreamers

Yvonne Cleland… Peter Tosh. Buddy Holly.

Phil Thornton… Hendrix and Cream – I was too young !

Graham Belchamber… Led Zepp.

Barry Newton… Traveling Wilburys

Tony Davis… Nick Drake, Beatles and The Who with Mooney and Entwhistle. Led Zep of course and nearly everyone mentioned above!!

Phil Gill… Jeff Buckley.

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