Factory outside a Factory


supplied by Andy Qunta

Robert Searle….I remember Factory supporting us , The Kult , at a church hall at Rye in , I think,1970.

Geoff Peckham… Isn’t this in the Glyne Gap Gasworks shortly after it closed down? …and I’m wearing my beloved cricket boots!

Terry Pack… In the days when industrial wastelands were considered good locations for photos.

Andy Qunta… Yes, & I think Tony’s & my Mum took this pic! My hand is bandaged after our Dad, Dr Qunta, operated on it! I got some kind of I infection from picking hops at Guinness Hop Farm! Good times!

Tony Qunta… Yes and I was wearing my ‘custom shop’ strides which I had ‘doctored’ with house paint! 😉

Jeanette Jones… Back in the day, before political correctness ran rampant , when a caring Dad could operate on a family member, such as a beloved son. Happy days, happy memories, you are blessed;-)

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