The Veronica Story – Radio Station

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supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Found this at a boot sale. Vaguely remember Veronica. If I remember right it broadcast in Dutch during the day and English at night. Might be a connection with Radio North Sea Int. Anybody shed any light?

Martin Ritcher…

Peter Thomson… While living in Germany in the early ’90s we used to pick up a Dutch TV station called Veronica – and it carried that same logo. I recorded the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert on there (the BBC did not show it). I still have it on VHS cassette.

Kevin Carylon… Veronica broadcast legally after being closed down as a pirate. Radio Veronica was one of the first and last Dutch offshore pirates, closing in 1974. It was anchored just outside the Dutch Territorial Limit of three miles, Radio Caroline, Radio Northsea International and for a short time Radio Delmare broadcast near by. All except Caroline were forced to close in Aug ’74. (Pic shows RNI).


supplied by Kevin Carylon

Jim Breeds… Brilliant find. I remember Radio Veronica well.  RNI Facebook group here:

Alan Esdaile… This is the cd that Mick had with him at the SMART meet. Great find.


Paul Burton, Chris Sayer, Nigel Davies and Bob Posner – Tudor Rose 1997


Supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington… A very sad picture of a spontaneous acoustic set. Picture is of Paul Burton RIP, Chris Sayer RIP, Nigel Davies RIP and Bob Posner, the latter still going strong thank goodness. Taken at a 50th Birthday party upstairs in the Tudor Rose in May 1997.

Suspect – 1971 to 1973

suspect 1971 11923607_1098814243485035_3869669517575180205_n

supplied by Peter Millington

photo 1 – SUSPECT – 1971 – 1972 – L-R Dave Easton, Mick Ingram, Stuart Moir, Graham Putland, Rev Stockdale.

photo 2 – SUSPECT – 1972 – 1973 – L-R Dave Easton, Peter (Ginger) Millington, Stuart Moir, Graham Putland, Rev Stockdale.

Peter Millington… Took a long time to dress the same and find the tree after 2 years LOL

Mark Harris… Brilliant stuff.

Andy Qunta… Great band, cool tree!


SMART coffee meet 23 Report


What a GREAT afternoon and yes the ‘F’ word was mentioned and everyone agreed that the Factory gig was excellent and has kick started talk about various local bands to reform, watch this space!  Among the newbies this time were Len Smith, Phil Thornton (and his hat!), Erol Edir and Graham and Karen How.  Andre Martin was talking about the History Of The Pier Book by Steve Peak which is due out next year and features Andre’s pier memories. Len Smith who runs the Eastbourne Bands From 1960 On facebook site is working on a family tree of local bands from Hastings & Eastbourne and had with him a folder of the work he has produced so far. It’s a mammoth task and people present were able to fill in some of the gaps. Mick O’Dowd had with him The Veronica Story CD (the popular Dutch radio station from the 1960’s) and also had some interesting Ready Steady Go 60’s DVDs. Graham How  brought along some great tour programmes from the 70’s including Melody Maker Poll Concert 72, The Who Tommy, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Wishbone Ash, Genesis 77 and more.  Pete Millington has come up with another rare photo of Suspect and Andy Knight had with him a whole host of various photos and cuttings including Freeway, Five Bob Rocket, Delta Wing, Dicemen, Tarquin, Shaft, Jukes and a Head On with Missing Persons poster. John Petri pointed out that the photo on the front of our latest newletter is Paul Freeman and not Steve. Too many other people to mention and get round to talk to, so please feel free to add  anything interesting that you were talking about and I missed.

Graham How… I remembered the date this time!

Natasha Kaschevsky… Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye to you today Alan, had a great time x

Wendy Weaver… It was a very good meeting. Lots of interesting people.

Kevin Burchett… great meeting thanks alan

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff and an appearance by Phil Thornton’s Hat! What more could you want.

Martin Stringer… Good morning. Martin Stringer here I am going to be in England from the 24th to the 29th of November is there a meeting around then?

Alan Esdaile…  Excellent. Am trying to organise the next one for the 27th November Martin and would be great to see you. Hopefully confirm next week.



Un-Covention Hastings Music meet Up Group by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton says….What’s this all about? Well, here’s something I’ve written for The Stinger magazine to, hopefully, explain:

“I wrote within the pages of The Stinger a couple of issues ago about the idea of setting up regular meet ups for those involved with the local music scene in the Hastings area. Well that idea is now coming to fruition, and we plan to start monthly meet ups from November.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, but our friends at Un-Convention have taken the idea several steps further, so we’ve decided to start the meet ups under their banner, as part of a wider scheme.

Here’s what Jeff Thompson from Un-Convention told us, “Un-Convention is a series of events, projects, and initiatives with the goal of developing grassroots and independent music scenes locally, nationally, and around the world.
Founded in Manchester in 2008, to date there have been 78 Un-Convention events, in places ranging from Belfast and Swansea to Brisbane and Sao Paulo. Our work has included conferences, showcases, collaborations, artist exchanges, education programmes, alternative touring networks (Off Axis), recording projects and the development of music co-operatives.

Throughout this time we have worked under the banner of ‘Do It Together’, and the understanding that incredible things are possible when people work together on something they are passionate about.

With this in mind we are now launching our latest initiative, a network of Meet Up Groups aimed at developing local music scenes, stimulating ideas and innovation and building a connected, vibrant community for those working in the independent and grass roots music sector.

The concept is to develop a network of monthly Meet Up Groups across the UK, and further afield, that act as a focal point for discussion, debate, problem solving and networking for independent and grassroots music communities.

Meet Up Groups will be set up locally, based on a very simple structure, with a view to bringing together those active in their local music scene on a regular basis. They will discuss common themes, and work toward creating a stronger, more vibrant scene both locally and nationally.”

The first ‘Un-Convention Hastings Music Meet Up Group’ will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 11th November 2015, in the Function Room upstairs at the Jenny Lind in Hastings.

Other Un-Convention Meet Up Groups are planned for such places as Cornwall, Hull, Edinburgh, Wrexham, Stoke, Blackburn, Holland, Ireland, Australia and Guatemala! And this is just the start. These groups should also have their inaugural meet up in November.

We hope the Un-Convention Hastings Music Meet Up Group sounds of interest to you? If so, please get involved, tell your friends and invite like minded people to join this group.
We look forward to seeing you on 11th November.”

For further info contact Andy Gunton