The Happy Ballroom and more – 2nd October 1965 by Andre Martin.

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I have been contacted by a few to enquire what had happened to The History of the Happy Ballroom- Hastings Pier, weekly episodes, to be honest; it is because there is not much happening! The Old Time Musical ended a couple of weeks back and I have added some images from the Hastings Observer. I have even checked with the minutes of the Hastings Pier Company monthly meetings to see is there is any reference to Entertainment, all I can find is that in October, there was a reference to the possibility of hiring’s during 1966 by the Roy Tempest Agency from London, but nothing more was mentioned. So here we are on Saturday 2nd October 1965 – waiting for something to happen.
The regular television and radio programmes have been available for us, and Friday night would have kicked off with Ready Steady Go, Cathy and Keith at the controls, on the show this week – The Yardbirds “Evil Hearted You & Still I’m Sad”: The Searchers “ When I Get Home” and from the USA The Exciters.
The Witch Doctor is not advertising anything, which makes me think this is because they are undertaking a refurbishment ready for a new Nights entertainment style at the end of October. The venue had been taking a bashing open 7 nights a week plus daytime weekends, so it stands to reason that it would need a new voodoo paint job, and some fresh shrunken heads – we will keep an eye out for what is happening, the Observer has nothing in its editorial.
With BBC Radio – The Light Programme has the weekends well covered, Saturday Club this week hosted The Yardbirds, Steam Package [Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart, Julie Driscoll{Oh YES!} and The Brian Auger Trinity] plus Bo Diddley and Brian Mathew in charge. Lunchtime it was Mark Wyinter in Swingtime with Susan Maugham as guest. At 2.00pm in the afternoon – Fanfayre and this week on the show were Jimmy Young [Oh yes the same one] Rawicz and Landauer, Rita Williams Singers, The Pete Moore Four and The Harbour Lights. A new documentary series from BBC world service called the Top Ten Year followed, this was a 3 part series looking at popular music in Britain over the past 5o years. Folk Room followed, so the BBC was trying to cover all genres of popular music.
On Sunday, we had Easy Beat with Keith Fordyce, and I notice that in the producers chair was Ron Belchier who I met many times in the 70s when he was responsible for the Simon Bates Show on Radio One. Lunchtime, this week it’s a 3 way link up with London, Koln and Aden. Later at 4.00pm we had Top Of the Pops.
Television – Juke Box Jury with Tito Burns, Maureen Cleave, Vince Hill and David Jacobs in the Chair.Later that night The Andy Williams Show featured as special guests The Osmond Brothers. On Sunday you had “ The Buskers of Marrakesh” live entertainment from North Africa!. Teatime it was the Sooty Show and later that evening The Glenn Miller Story – a great film even today, and the evening was ended off with Rupert Davies in “Maigret” – that was when he was not filming advertisements for Floria Spread !!!
ITVs main offering was Thank Your Lucky Stars – Jim Dale, Petula Clark, Bo Diddley, Ken Dodd, The Fortunes, Lance Percival, Janet Panter plus Lionel Blair & the Dancers and the “Give it Five Girl” Janice Nichol.
As we move into the autumn, the weather is still fairly good, I have been able to sit out in the garden during the day with a coffee, and watch the world go by. There are lots of things on the horizon with Hastings Week, the Old Town Bonfire and the Sprat and Winkle Run to mention a few. Until the next part of the History of the Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier, you all take care.
Andre Palfrey-Martin ©2015

Andy Qunta… Fabulous stuff!

Nigel Ford… I hear Jimmy Young recently reached his 94th birthday.

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