Teenbeats – Jeremy Wells review 1979

Huggy Leaver (Vocals), Ken Copsey (lead guitar), Paul Thomas (rhythm guitar), Eddie Mays (bass) and Dave Blackman (drums)

Some of the Teenbeats’ best friends are Canadians. Dave Blackman talks to our  man-with-the-earning, by J.W – 1979

The rumours are confirmed. The Teenbeats are selling records across the pond, a trip to Canada could be on the cards; and drummer Dave Blackman is still cadging drinks.But just a minute, the Teenbeats version of I can’t control myself was pretty grim – suffering, no-one would deny, from the dreadful Wall of Sponge production at the hands of international Ray Fenwick. So who is buying it?

I collared Dave Blackman in the Chatworth Hotel and asked him:“Canadians” he burbled into a pint of lager, “Canadians are buying the record. Canadians are thick. “What?”  “Well its an awful record. Loads of rubbish really.  “Isn’t that a little harsh?” I asked. The portly sticks man ignored that and went on: “the important thing is that if the record is selling in Canada it’s getting airplay and that means FM listeners in the States will be picking it up”. The whole band is surprised to put it midly that the record is selling as it is.

“Canadians are that much more receptive to the rough, English music,” said the Cozy Powell unlook-a-like. “The 400 copies sent out were picked up by discos and the record was then in great demand”. Huggs said the last he has heard was that the record was number two in the FM airplay chart, 20 in the disco chart and number four in Quebec.

Copies sold so far are in the region of 20,000 which means the Teenbeats should be seeing some money for their efforts.“Things in the band are generally okay” said the drummer and part time mermaid but we want to release records and we want to work”. And work they shall. The band has a gig coming up next Friday (May 30) at the Carlisle with the Model Copies.

The Jim Jim and the Jims gig taking place in the hotel on the night I talked to Dave Blackman ended with a massive slanging match between Ray Fenwick and some of The Teenbeats after the later group had acted in a rather Michael-taking manner while the other band were trying to play Smoke On The Water.Smoke on the water? Yes I burst out laughing too.                                                        Review by J Wells



Yvonne Cleland… Teenbeats doing ‘I Can’t Control Myself’? Outstanding! Go Huggy! x

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