Un-Covention Hastings Music meet Up Group by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton says….What’s this all about? Well, here’s something I’ve written for The Stinger magazine to, hopefully, explain:

“I wrote within the pages of The Stinger a couple of issues ago about the idea of setting up regular meet ups for those involved with the local music scene in the Hastings area. Well that idea is now coming to fruition, and we plan to start monthly meet ups from November.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, but our friends at Un-Convention have taken the idea several steps further, so we’ve decided to start the meet ups under their banner, as part of a wider scheme.

Here’s what Jeff Thompson from Un-Convention told us, “Un-Convention is a series of events, projects, and initiatives with the goal of developing grassroots and independent music scenes locally, nationally, and around the world.
Founded in Manchester in 2008, to date there have been 78 Un-Convention events, in places ranging from Belfast and Swansea to Brisbane and Sao Paulo. Our work has included conferences, showcases, collaborations, artist exchanges, education programmes, alternative touring networks (Off Axis), recording projects and the development of music co-operatives.

Throughout this time we have worked under the banner of ‘Do It Together’, and the understanding that incredible things are possible when people work together on something they are passionate about.

With this in mind we are now launching our latest initiative, a network of Meet Up Groups aimed at developing local music scenes, stimulating ideas and innovation and building a connected, vibrant community for those working in the independent and grass roots music sector.

The concept is to develop a network of monthly Meet Up Groups across the UK, and further afield, that act as a focal point for discussion, debate, problem solving and networking for independent and grassroots music communities.

Meet Up Groups will be set up locally, based on a very simple structure, with a view to bringing together those active in their local music scene on a regular basis. They will discuss common themes, and work toward creating a stronger, more vibrant scene both locally and nationally.”

The first ‘Un-Convention Hastings Music Meet Up Group’ will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 11th November 2015, in the Function Room upstairs at the Jenny Lind in Hastings.

Other Un-Convention Meet Up Groups are planned for such places as Cornwall, Hull, Edinburgh, Wrexham, Stoke, Blackburn, Holland, Ireland, Australia and Guatemala! And this is just the start. These groups should also have their inaugural meet up in November.

We hope the Un-Convention Hastings Music Meet Up Group sounds of interest to you? If so, please get involved, tell your friends and invite like minded people to join this group.
We look forward to seeing you on 11th November.”

For further info contact Andy Gunton  andygunton@hotmail.com


Forcefield – in the Slough Studio 1988 & Chris Cozens photo 1986/1987


Pete Prescott…. Pete, Ray, Chris, Neil and Cozy 1988. Slough Studio.

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Chris Cozens and Pete Prescott & Ray Fenwick supplied by Pete Prescott

Chris Cozens….No, I’d not seen that one so I’m so happy that that hairstyle is preserved here! PS – I AM standing up!

Andy Qunta….Great shot!

Pete Prescott… Chris like me is a left handed player. When we started writing together he came to my place in Hastings. This is around 1986/87

Terry Pack…  I did some sessions on the Graham Bonnet albums, too. They were pretty shambolic affairs: multiple studios (at least three), Cozy’s drums covered in tea towels, Ray’s sequenced keyboards, an engineer (at Redwood) who had no idea. I’m amazed they got finished and released.

Pete Prescott…  I’m proud of the fact that two songs of mine are on the album but I hate the way he sang the ballad. He came in so strong vocally and made mince meat of it. I have not heard it in a long time to be honest and it wasn’t giving “the long and winding road” a run for its money as a song ha ha ! So back to my original statement. I do remember a very worried Ray wondering how he was going to get the lead vocals on the Bonnet album finished when he only had 4 weeks to do it ! (Tony Martin and I sang on albums in 4/5 days each). Cozy said he had warned Ray about Bonnet.”just ask Roger Glover ” he said. But Ray wanted a big name. When he had the right song Bonnet is amazing. I mean he is Graham Bonnet.

Pete Shaw… Simone and Catfunkle… Harmony Hairspray…. After and before! Luv ya Pete !

SMART Coffee Meet 23 – White Rock Hotel Friday 23rd October 2015.



The next SMART coffee meet is Friday 23rd October 2015 – 3.30pm till 6.00pm – The Seafront Room, White Rock Hotel.

Please bring any photos, cuttings, records etc that would be interesting to see and please mention it to others. New people are most welcome to join us.

Mick O’Dowd… I think we just may have a guest appearance from Phil Thornton’s Hat! Where the Smarties meet. New Smarties welcome.

Yvonne Cleland… This Smartie will still be on crutches and unable to drive to Hastings. 🙁

Jim Breeds… We’re in the hotel now. Are we too early? 🙂 Perhaps I’ll just go back to bed until Friday instead of going home! 🙂