The Veronica Story – Radio Station

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supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Found this at a boot sale. Vaguely remember Veronica. If I remember right it broadcast in Dutch during the day and English at night. Might be a connection with Radio North Sea Int. Anybody shed any light?

Martin Ritcher…

Peter Thomson… While living in Germany in the early ’90s we used to pick up a Dutch TV station called Veronica – and it carried that same logo. I recorded the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert on there (the BBC did not show it). I still have it on VHS cassette.

Kevin Carylon… Veronica broadcast legally after being closed down as a pirate. Radio Veronica was one of the first and last Dutch offshore pirates, closing in 1974. It was anchored just outside the Dutch Territorial Limit of three miles, Radio Caroline, Radio Northsea International and for a short time Radio Delmare broadcast near by. All except Caroline were forced to close in Aug ’74. (Pic shows RNI).


supplied by Kevin Carylon

Jim Breeds… Brilliant find. I remember Radio Veronica well.  RNI Facebook group here:

Alan Esdaile… This is the cd that Mick had with him at the SMART meet. Great find.


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