R.I.P. Denny from Dennies Nightclub Priory Street Hastings


supplied by Samuel Freeman

Jim Breeds… Played Snooker in them there temperance halls many times in the 70s.

Wendy Weaver… Spent some good times in The Penguin playing snooker.

Robert Searle… Played there years ago with Easy Street. Or was it Rennies?

Alan Esdaile… Remember seeing The Exorcist at the cinema here and people were being sick in the seats.

Matt Thomas… Your mother sucks lemon bon bons in hell’

Alan Esdaile… I thought it was jelly babies…

Lynn Graham… OMG we saw that there and our mate, Charlie Smith ran out!


sourced from Rennies to Dennies Nightclub Facebook Page

Kevin Burchett… r i.p denny from the cobweb to pier to aquarius to saturdays and dennys night club A GREAT MAN


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