SMART 24 coffee meet – White Rock Hotel 27th November 2015


The next SMART coffee meet is:

Friday 27th November 2015 – 3.30pm till 6.00pm  The Seafront Room, White Rock Hotel.

Please bring any photos, cuttings, records etc that would be interesting for others to see or just bring yourself and please mention it to other like minded people. This will be the last meet of 2015 and expecting a big turn out.

Martin Stringer… Hi Martyn Baker and I will be there.

Jim Breeds… We’ll be there this time. Finally! A bit of a long shot this! Does anyone coming to the SMART meet up tomorrow have a 78 rpm record player they can bring with them? Or know someone who would be OK with lending it to us for the afternoon? I have I have something to bring to the SMART meet tomorrow that might interest people in a kind of not quite 1970s more like 1930 kind of way. This is not the sort of music we normally discuss in SMART but has strong local interest. Would be nice to play them, to see if they are playable or not, but I don’t have a gramophone.

Janette Clare Morley… I have a gramaphone. Its a wind-up. But it plays quite well. I should be able to bring it for an hour or so.

Jim Breeds… That would be brilliant! We’re in the Seafront Room. Thank you so much.

Tony Davis… Hi Alan and everyone. Sorry not to make it today but unfortunately work has gotten in the way of everything at the moment.

The Beatles White Album – Ringo Starr is auctioning his copy No. 0000001


Jim Breeds… Anyone tempted? 🙂 Ringo Starr is auctioning his copy of the White Album No.0000001…

Yvonne Cleland… I’d be tempted if I had several shedloads of unwanted cash and my own personal vault box.

Alan Esdaile… I thought mine was five hundred and something but I’m way out. My one is number 0412580.

Chris Giles… Id have it if I had loads of money

Colin Norton… Mine is 5343 which is pretty low 🙂

Jim Breeds… I think my number rubbed off, but I wrote it down somewhere before it went completely.

Paul Sleet… Doubt if it sounds any better.

Ralph Town… Why would he want to sell it?? He can,t be a bit short of cash.

Clifford Rose… I wonder who bought that one.

Jim Breeds… He has an auction of loads of stuff, not just this. Bidding starts at $20,000! Highlights from this historic auction include seven of Starr’s stage and studio used drum kits: Starr’s first Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl drum kit used to record some of The Beatles biggest early hits and used by Paul McCartney on his album McCartney; the custom built Jumbo Silver Sparkle kit used in the “Hello, Goodbye” film from 1967; the Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit used on Starr’s inaugural Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band tour; a kit of toms commissioned for Starr by George Harrison; among others. Also included are instruments gifted to Starr by bandmates and friends: a George Harrison Gretsch guitar, John Lennon’s “Beatle Backer,” and a Gibson Les Paul from Marc Bolan.

Chris Giles… He can’t be short of money is he downsizing lol

Peter Fairless… So, there were five number 001s, were there?