Happy New Year to everyone and wishing you a Healthy and Happy 2016.

Alex Chapman… LOL! Happy New Year!

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Mick O’Dowd… To all my friends, family, fellow SMARTIES, and anybody else who knows me. May I wish you all a cracking New Year and hope that it is better than the last for those of you that have had your problems. In the words of a political parties election song a few years back. “Things Can Only Get Better”. I wish you all health, peace & happiness and that you send donations to me in brown envelopes care of SMART! Cheers!

Salvation Sunday – Cold Grey Eyes 1987



Promo Photo & Cold Grey Eyes inner sleeve. supplied by Martyn Baker

The song. Music by Martyn Baker, Ashley Pepper and Steve Winterbottom. With lyrics by John Prawer. There is a secret contained within these lyrics. Recorded at Wessex Studio Islington, London N.1. by Dietmar Schillinger ,Produced by Tim Friese-Greene (Talk Talk), Vocals – Joanne Winterbottom , Songwriting, Guitar & B/V’s – Stephen Winterbottom, Lead Guitar & B/V’s – Marvin Naylor, Keyboards – Mingo (Robert Talbot) ,  Songwriting & Bass Guitar – Martyn Baker, Drums & Percussion – David Rowley.

Martin Richter… a great band

Mark Gilham… Great photo

Martyn Baker… I resigned from a comfortable BBC career in 1986, to spend my life on the road with this bunch – all because Polydor records gave us a cheque for a quarter of a million pounds – even though we hadn’t sold a single record. It was a particularly stupid name for our pop group, especially as we were all pretty much atheist, but a lot of fun and drinking of fine wines ensued…. and we never had to pay back a penny! Je ne regrette rien. —


The Happy Ballroom and more – New Years Eve 1965 by Andre Martin

Third part of what does seem to have been a long week+ It is now New Years Eve – 31st December 1965 and there is a lot going on for us – we were so lucky in those days. In the Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier, after the success of The Who on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve had a particular Scottish flavour with two attractions from North of the Border – The Two of Each and Pinky & The Phellows. Apart from their names in print in the advertisement, I can find nothing more to report. Pinky & The Phellows were listed as one of Scotland’s leading Show Bands. It’s a bit like “The Lurking Cromwell’s” from Boxing Day, thanks to Pete Millington/ Trevor Spears they have tracked them down to the Ninefield area, so more in the New Year – I hope.
I can recall the Witch Doctor on that night and the acts booked, The Lonely Ones, Davey Sands & The Essex + The Humperdinks, also included on that nights show “ the Witch Doctors own Father Time” – I wonder who that would have been ? That night when on till 1.30am New Years Day, and all for 10/- in advance! This would have been a Saturday for some, getting up to go to work might not have been such a problem as for many, but in those days you just did – no argument!!
Thinking back the venue was packed, and one of the perks that I had was membership of the Grenadier Club, down stairs next to the Dolphin Ballroom, which was also very busy, this enabled me to always get a drink and not have to face the crush at the bar in the Witch Doctor and was even more handy if I was in company as I was that night. The owner of the whole complex was Eric Rennie, he was a character, but he knew how to keep people happy, and there would have been a lot of people in that building for New Years Eve.
Saturday January 1st 1966 – we had ex-organist of THEM with his group Peter B’s Looners, plus from Eastbourne the Defiants, back to normal and the show ends at 11.45pm with bar closing by 11.00pm all for 6/- .Sunday, if you needed any more dance time, the afternoon Record session went from 2.30pm to 5.00pm. The rest of the weeks programme was the same as usual – Records on Tuesday and Thursday night with Steve Muscles Maxted.
Because New Years Eve was on Friday, Ready Steady Go very much under Vicky Wickham control, added yet another first to the Schedule and from 10.52pm its “The New Year Starts Here” and amongst the artistes on the bill – The Animals: The Who “ Cants Explain”:Chris Andrews “ Girls Don’t Come”: Dave Berry; Dave Clark Five : Tom Jones 2 Chills & Fevers”: Kinks : Lulu “Shout”: Kenny Lynch :Rolling Stones “Satisfaction & Get Off My Cloud” Searchers & Dusty Springfield. [It was a great pity that we did not have video recorders for such nights, as we must have missed some great shows being out at clubs etc]
Television that night would have also included on the BBC – 7.00pm The Newcomers Soap/drama.7.30pm “ Barney is My Darling :the Twenty Six year Itch” with Bill Fraser and Irene Handl. 8.00pm Film “North West Mounted Police” with Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard. 10.10pm “1965 Panorama of the Year” 11.00pm “The Andy Williams Show”.11.50pm A WatchNight Service from St Martin-in-the-field” 12mn herald in the New Year as the crowds celebrate in Trafalgar Square then north of the border to… Ring In the New – an Entertainment from Scotland featuring Andy Stewart.
Saturday 1st January 1966 – BBC Light Programme 1.00am Saturday Club, with Hedgehoppers Anonymous: Barry St JOHN: Merseybeats: Rick & Sandy: Acker Bilk plus the backbone to the show Brian Matthew. 6.30pm Jazz Beat with Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames: Brian Auger Trinity and George Melly. Sunday 10.31am Easy Beat. 12noon 2 Way Family Favourites London & Koln: 4.00pm “Pick of the Pops”. 5.00pm “Movie Go Round” this weeks feature films – “The Heroes of Telemark” with Kirk Douglas & Richard Harris, “ Sands of The Kalahari” – Stanley Baker, Susannah York & Harry Andrews. 6.00pm “What do you know”, nationwide general knowledge competition for “Brain of Britain”. 11.30pm – Jazz Club.
Television that weekend would have included Saturday – 1.30pm GRANDSTAND, 5.15PM Juke Box Jury – David Jacobs with panel members Max Bygraves Family & Uncle Eric. 5.50pm “Dr Who: Volcano”. 6.15pm “The Munster’s”, 6.40pm “Dixon of Dock Green”. 8.55pm “Billy Cotton Band Show” Over on ITV – “Thank Your Lucky Stars” and the line up for the first show in 1966 included Jim Dale, Searchers, Bachelors, Fortunes, Lance Percival, Julie Rogers 7 Jackie Trent. Sunday 2nd January – 1.15pm Gardening Club with Percy Thrower, 2.00pm New Year Concert from Vienna.7.30pm Film – On the Waterfront.
Back to normal – if there ever was a normal time – I have just remembered that when I went back to college the following week it was for examinations! Until next week you take care and a Happy New Year to you all – no matter what year you wish to live in !!!!
Andre Palfrey-Martin ©2015

Andy Qunta… Fabulous run-down, Andre, thanks!

Anne Wells… Andre Happy New Year and thank you for all of your weekly memory prods – much appreciated. I recommend a book I’m currently reading 1966: the Year the Decade Exploded by Jon Savage – excellent.

Lemmy from Motorhead dies.


Mark Marek Photography ©2007


Chris Giles… R.I.P. Lemmy

Alan Esdaile.. R.I.P. Lemmy.

Jim Breeds… Shocked 🙁

Nigel Ford… First saw Ian “Lemmy-a fiver” Kilmister as part of HAWKWIND on the pier early 70’s , then in ’75 blowing them offstage as their support , again in the Pier Ballroom. They returned just a month later as headliners. So impressd with them I travelled to Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall and Brighton soon after to see them and while waiting to go into the Top Rank over there an exit door flew open right by us and out he came to a rough old BMW parked right there to get something and my friend and I exchanged plesantries with him as he came back in.
Many gigs since including my only visit to Folkstone Leas Cliff Hall a few years ago mainly to see IN FLAMES but also GIRLSCHOOL (whom I’d also seen a couple of times back in their heyday) and a brilliant set again by Lemmy, Phil & Mickey but it really was painfully LOUD for my old ears!!

Chris Giles… I’m in shock. Couldn’t believe when I first read it Lemmy R.I.P.

Alan Esdaile… Very shocked to hear the news. I did know he has been ill for awhile but I thought he was invincible. Brilliant memories of seeing Hawkwind and ear shattering Motorhead. Even though the  ears were ringing for days, it didn’t stop me from going back again to see them.

Dave Nattress… Another very sad day, saw this on the news a couple of hours ago. Lemmy’s gone as has a part of so many of us who have grown up following him. A heavy day to get through. RIP doesn’t say enough – maybe keep on rocking and giving serious hell wherever you are might be more appropriate.

Chris Giles… Yep and turn the volume up and play his music loud

Eric Cawthraw… Like many of you seen Lemmy in both Motorhead and Hawkwind. Just going to get my 12″ single of Motorhead out and demolish the front room with a wall of sound! After all that Jack Daniels – if it’s a cremation – it will take a week to put him out. That sounds irreverent, but I’m sure that’s the sort of exit he would want. One thing you can credit Lemmy with was his total commitment to his music and followers – let’s hope there’s a crate of Bourbon waiting at the Pearly Gates.

Graham Belchamber… A great story about Lemmy from Neil Finn of Crowded House/Split Enz fame… Two days after the news of Stevie Wright’s death, we learn of Lemmy’s passing. Neil related this story today:
“dawn check in, Montreal 1981 with Split Enz , a tour bus pulls up outside , Its Motorhead. Lemmy emerges like a marauding Viking, leapfrogs the reception desk and kisses the receptionist full on the mouth. Its bad behaviour but we were impressed… and so Lemmy… may you leapfrog the devil and give St Peter a kiss.”

Colin Bell… Another great loss, remember being in Bluies in Canterbury (Andre and Alan will remember the club!) Lemmy doing Silver Machine. A true one off guy RIP.

Tony Court-holmes… missed but never forgotten rip good rocker hope to meet you. Another star in the sky with a bottle of jack daniels

Clive Richardson… Remember seeing Motorhead first gig at The Roundhouse Chalk Farm London. Very sad news.

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… SAD SAD day, R I P Lemmy

Carol Arnold… sad news

Philip John… Lemmy Kilmister RIP. A good summing up from John Walsh & Ruth Booth in the Independent. Lemmy was probably one of the last of the old school heavy rockers and one of the best.He will remain a legend. One little known fact :- Lemmy appears as Count Motorhead in a book entitled The Time Of The Hawklords, written in 1976 by Michael Moorcock & Michael Butterworth, part of a sci-fi trilogy where ‘Hawkwind saves the world. he unfortunately doesn’t appear in the follow up book as he’d been fired from the band .


Mark Gilham…  Nice post Philip

Alan Freeman’s last Pick of The Pops on Radio 1 – 1992


source: David Lloyd’s Radio Moments

For those of you that have never heard it, or just want to hear it again here is the scoped audio (with no music) of Fluff’s final Radio 1 POTP on 27 December 1992:


Jim Breeds…  I still have a couple of his Saturday afternoon Radio 1 shows on cassette, I think. And some Peel shows.

Mark Gilham… Legend

Mick O’Dowd…  I second that emotion Mark

Alan Esdaile… I third that Mark

Alan Pepper… Not ‘ arf pop pickers !! What else do you all have taped from the 70s ? I have a Robbie Vincent SOUL Show 1976 Get on down !!

R.I.P. Stevie Wright from The Easybeats.



Alan Esdaile… Friday On My Mind is a classic track which stills sounds good today. Most local bands used to play it and I remember Shaft doing a great version.

Andy Knight… Here is the Shaft version.

Terry Huggins… Friday on my mind was a classic, but the rest of their tuff was less memorable. Rhythm guitarist George Young was the elder brother of Angus and Malcolm of AC/DC.

Phil Little… Vic Young, who now lives in Hastings, used to play with Steve Wright in Australia.

Andy Qunta… RIP, Stevie!

Slade poisonous feud behind Christmas hit by The Daily Mail.


photo source: Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1973.


Martin Richter… saw this yesterday – sad

Jane Hartley… It is very sad, but the ‘new’ Slade are still great!

David Rowley… Yet another newspaper story not understanding the difference between songwriting/copyright royalties and artist recording royalities. Lea and Holder make a bucket off the public performance of the song because they wrote it. Hill and Powell are also making money but from sales of the record – oh, that’s right, there are no sales of records anymore.

Dave Nattress… I read this and anyway was aware of the so-called feud and like so many stories of similar fallings-out between old band-mates I find it really a shame after all have been through so much together – often far more downs than ups and naively I think I’d love the guys to get together, maybe sort the differences out and play together again. They were so good as a band and I have no doubt the reason I think the situation of their feud is such a pity is because of all Christmas records we’re subjected to, I think theirs is the best by a million miles. Every time I hear it I love it, a wonderful pop song, wonderful guitar chords, a piece of art. Every time I hear almost all the other Christmas songs, year after year after year, I’ve had enough of them. Slade’s is always fresh. I know…it’s said to be about money – royalties and maybe I’d view it differently If I was one of the 2 said not to be getting much out of the song. As you’re all in it together why not equal shares – I know – it rarely works this way in any business. I say this all from a position of relative poverty. (Well actually some of the relatives have got a bit). Right I’m waffling – way off the subject – time to go.

Colin Bell… When Slade played the White Rock a few weeks back (where incidentally they were great and brought the house down)I spent the afternoon with Dave Hill at the hotel and accompanied him to the gig along with Don. We spent several hours chatting and I can assure you they are not bitter! The Daily Mail has always been a shit newspaper/organ for the Tories, anyway not getting into a polictical rant. Dave and Don still love what they do and it should be noted they were the guys that founded the band, Noddy joined later. So as my dad used to say the only truth that newspapers write is the date (and you should check that!). Hope all Smarties have had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!