Jean-Michel Jarre new album 2015

jean michel jarre 1 jean michael jarre 2

supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… I was only saying to Colin Bell at last SMART Meet when were we discussing the comebacks of older artists and it got around to new E.L.O. cd. (In my opinion it is dissapointing. Where have the strings that made their sound gone?) In the next breath I said that maybe Jean-Michel Jarre must be about due for a revival. Well he has! His new album: Electronica: The Time Machine is it. With collaborations from a host of other artists as diverse as Pete Towshend, Vince Clark through Moby, Air, Tangerine Dream, Massive Attack and Little Boots to name a few this is a good album. I was worried that he might not have travelled well(no pun intended) but this sounds fresh and unmistakable J.M.Jarre. A couple of tracks have hints of earlier works riffs but it is a good mix of tunes and styles. If you like J.M.Jarre you’ll like this. Put it on your wish list.

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