The Happy Ballroom and more 4th December 1965 by Andre Martin.

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Here we are now in December 1965, the next part of the History of the Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier, shows that changes are about to be made in the provision intended for the young people in this area. On Saturday 4th. From the minutes of the Directors of the Pier an outside promoter has booked the Ballroom for the next 4 weeks, to present “Beat Groups”. This first week the acts are Sextet 65, The Knights and The Flirts, with Special Guest star?? The interesting thing about this promotion is that it does not appear under the Pier usual banner, but by a small advertisement on the entertainments pages… we will wait and see the outcomes.
Our Friday night started as usual with the slice of “ MOD culture from Kingsway in London, with Ready Steady Go, and on the show this week Fontella Bass “ Rescue Me” : Wayne Fontana “ It was easier to hurt her” : The Hollies “ If I needed somebody” : Toys “ Lovers Concerto “ : The Walker Brothers “ My Ship is coming in “: The Who “ My Generation” also on the show Ketty Lester and Major Lance – so it would have been a powerful way to start the weekend.
The Witch Doctor is playing a low key week with the only live bands featured on Saturday 4th, with the Symbols, supported by The Disciples, the rest of the week is given over to Records, with the exception to “ the only” in that Thursday has become almost a national institution in the town with the Steve Maxted Show.
The BBC selection of programmes changes very little from previous weeks , Saturday for many would have started with Saturday Club introduced by Brian Matthew on this week’s show, Chris Andrews, The Searchers, Ketty Lester, Spencer Davis Group, The Lorne Gibson Trio and Thee Gibsons. Lunchtime would have seen another slice of music mixture with Jack Jackson. Sunday would give us Easy Beat, Two Way Family Favourites and Pick of the Pops.
Over on Television – Juke Box Jury, this week had Simon Dee. Ketty Lester, Stratford Johns and Car5olyn as the panel under the supervision of David Jacobs. Over on ITV Brian Matthew and Jim Dale are co-hoisting Thank Your Lucky Stars – this weeks participants include – The Kinks, The Beatles, The Shadows, Tom Jones, Mark Wynter, Dennis Lotis.
For the record collectors with money to spend, this week saw the release of ” Rubber Soul” album from the Beatles and “My Generation” from the Who – just in time for the Christmas market – 32/6d including Purchase Tax each – what a bargain !! Next week we will know more of what is happening with these new promoters on the Pier and how the Christmas plans are becoming known. Until next week you all keep well, don’t remember what the weather was like back in 1965, but I don’t recall it being a windy and wet as 2015.
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