Zabriskie Point Film – December 1970 ABC Cinema

img312 zabriski

Interesting soundtrack of Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead etc. Anyone remember seeing this film?

Martin Richter… she was a lovely girl – but left crumbs in the bed 🙁

Lucy Pappas… I watched most of it but missed the end cos the last bus to Fairlight left at 10.30 and films usually finished at 10.40….

Eric Cawthraw… Yep, went with a bunch of mates to see this. I’ve never seen it again, so my memory of it has faded, but I have a visual recollection of seeing a kitchen blown up with all the food and utensils floating around in slow motion. It was definitely Pink Floyd playing in this sequence. I think it was either Astronomy Domine or Careful With that Axe Eugene.  Who’s this bloke Crumbs by the way?

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