HMV report sales of one vinyl turntable per minute over Christmas 2015.

Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this.


Peter Fairless… I saw that, window full of ’em. £99 for the USB version

Chris Meachen…  I’m fortunate enough to own four decent turntables, a couple of which are at the very ‘hi’ end of ‘fi’. I’m looking forward to enjoying revisiting a lot of my vinyl collection once I’m settled into the new workshop…

Peter Fairless… Four is just greedy, Chris! I’ve two and they still get used, occasionally. Most stuff I have on the laptop now though.

Chris Meachen… Two of mine are stashed and in the attic as spares, & are likely to need some minor attention, one is included in the living room system which I don’t often get to use, but the other is going to be in the new workshop, where I will be setting up all my best stuff & can listen while I work..

Mick O’Dowd… Noticed Tesco in Hastings now has a selection box of vinyl! I think i’m going back…..

Peter Fairless… A selection box?

Jim Breeds… Chocolate vinyl Pete. (I believe in miracles). I think the USB ones that HMV were selling even play 78s, which is annoying, given that I have two Hastings orchestra 78s I haven’t been able to play yet (and some 78s that my Mum bought in the 1920s), and there’s no way I’m replacing my existing USB turntable just to get 78rpm backwards compatibility.

Paul Sleet… Must get all my old vinyl back from my son! He never plays it as he’s away travelling.


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