All The Number 1 Singles By Official Charts Company – what ones have you got?


Matt Thomas… nearly all of them 😉

Jim Breeds… Haven’t had time to go through the whole list yet but I thought it would be interesting to see which single I own that’s the earliest in the list. It’s 30/10/1959 TRAVELLIN’ LIGHT CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS, given to me by my uncle (he just a few years older than me) with a couple of other singles (inc. Neil Sedaka – I go ape) when he passed on his fidelity record player to me in about 1962.

Tony Ham… Not many, I would think.

Clifford Rose… My Bohemian Rhapsody has a different picture sleeve. Mine has a black and white picture with the band sitting on the floor.

Will Cornell…after say 1990, none I hope!


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