SMART 25 report.

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Made it to 2016! After a slow start everyone piled in at 4.00 o’clock and among the newbies this time were Cliff Wootton and Carol Cooksey. Lots of chat about the shock loss of David Bowie with Andre revealing some interesting news about him and Hastings, watch this space. Also the sad loss of ‘Mo’ funeral details on the website. Cliff was talking about the various bands he has played with, guitars and an engrossed chat with Lol about church music.  Colin Bell had new cd’s from Peter Sarstedt and Alcatrazz, look out for reviews soon. Tony Qunta was talking about the new Reuben James Richards track A.S.A.P. he played on and is currently on the A-list of plays on Radio 2. Tony Davis had with Cliff Richard live at ABC Kingston 1962 cd  and on the inside cover list the tour dates when he played the ABC in Hastings. Andre mentioned the History of the Pier Book by Steve Peak is near completion and will be available to coincide with the opening of the pier. Loads of pier talk and also talk about Eyes Of Blond, Eric Harmer Band, Beatles Day, identifying some old musician photos and anyone remember a local group called The Banned?   Congratulations to Elaine Roberts & Neil Roberts from Black Sheep for their song Monopoly  which was runner up in the best song in the Doc’s Blues Award 2015. Pete Prescott mentioned a couple of exciting gigs he is involved with at the Stables Theatre. Sunday 28th February 2016 with Mike Hatchard celebrating the music of Nat King Cole and  Easter Sunday 27th March 2016 with Liane Carroll.  Geoff Peckham (Jaffa) had with him some recordings of the forthcoming Factory CD on his iPod and a number of people got a first listen on the headphones. It’s really good and expect more news shortly on release date and upcoming gigs. This is just a small bit of what I remember, please feel free to add anything interesting that I missed.

Geoff Peckham… Thanks, Alan, for another enjoyable SMART meeting this afternoon. I enjoyed catching up with Andy Knight, among others, and Alan lent me the Eyes of Blond reunion DVDs and CD to check out. I look forward to that – a great band. Good to see everyone again.

Sarah Harvey… Work transpired against me so sorry I couldn’t make it….always miss seeing everyone

Allyson Breeds… Was a lovely afternoon

Mick O’Dowd… Nice Meet although I had to leave early because of being taken out to dinner.

Jim Breeds… We missed you. Nice to see you though Mick. I’m going to look for ear trumpets on Amazon later. Thanks for organising it Alan. Had a good time chatting to all. And not all about music either 🙂 Also good to meet Cliff again after all these years.

Phil Gill… You should’ve said Mick, I could’ve had my people pick you up and drop you at the restaurant.

Cliff Wootton… Really enjoyed catching up with folks I hadn’t seen for a really long time. Looking forward to the next time.

Phil Gill and friends


Peter Millington… Sorry I missed the meet on Friday – competing demands on my time and I lost! Next time hopefully.


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