Glenn Frey of The Eagles R.I.P.


12 May 2009 (UTC) by Leahtwosaints (talk)

Jim Breeds… Hell just froze over 🙁 Glenn Frey at 67

Chris Giles… it’s getting frightening and very sad too…😕

Andy Qunta… Another one! RIP.

Andrew Freeman… This is unbelievable and so sad, just look at the ages RIP Glenn.

Alan Esdaile… No. Stop. Terrible News. So many great records. R.I.P. Glenn Frey.

Colin Bell… its getting to be a feeling of dread every time I hear/see the news. Co-founder of one of the finest bands on the planet that have given me so much pleasure over so many years R.I.P.

Virginia Davis… Been too many already this year

Chris Giles… I agree far to many…

Jim Breeds… t’s shocking innit. 🙁 I’m starting to ask myself who will be today’s shock death 🙁

Mick O’Dowd… Frightening, very very frightening, thunderbolt & lightning! Especially when it seems that 67 is the age and I celebrated that 2 weeks ago.

Glenn Piper… RIP from one Glenn to another Glenn


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