Giorgio Gomelsky former Stones and Yardbirds manager dies.


Source: Wwwhatsup. Giorgio Gomelsky at his 75th Birthday celebration – NYC Feb 28 2009

Chris Sambrook…. Another one gone. Giorgio Gomelsky, made his name in the 60’s with Band Management, Club owner and founder of Marmalade record label. He signed Jools Driscoll and Brian Auger. Biggest hit single was This wheels on Fire. The another band he signed up were The Blossom Toes. They had a brilliant single out called Peace loving Man and the album If only for a moment. Sadly didn’t really get anywhere. He gave the name Slow Hand to Eric Clapton as he took his time changing strings on his Guitar. When Clapton left the Yardbirds, Gomelsky found his replacement with Jeff Beck.

Alan Esdaile… remember buying Wheels On Fire from the disc jockey and cool looking record label. The Blossom Toes Peace Loving Man reminds me of Sabbath but I think Black Sabbath came out after this so possibly they were influence by this track?

Chris Sambrook… Guitarist, Jim Cregan played in the Rod Stewart band in the 70’s Not sure about the Black Sabbath connection though. Can’t see a version of Do you think i’m sexy with Ozzy.

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