Viola Beach – R.I.P.

viola beach

Dave Nattress… the horrendous deaths in Sweden of the 4 young band members of Viola Beach and their manager in a car-crash last night. I’d not heard of them but understand now they were tipped for great things. A total, total tragedy, 5 young guys just wiped out. I watched a track they did at the BBC recently – reminded me of The Kooks, very British, indie, sounds like they’ve done a couple of sessions and were considered to be on the way to good things. So obviously young and fresh faced and innocent and straight looking guys and wiped out so terribly quickly at the start of their careers. This awful loss of part of the new generation that we older guys can maybe see something of ourselves in. We’ve lost so many of our generation lately, bands and individuals who left their marks on us. These poor lads hardly got off the starting blocks, so somehow it draws a bit of a balance – and takes the thinking back to so many of the rock n rollers of the late 50’s and early 60’s who perished in terrible accidents travelling to or from gigs.

Robert Searle…  RIP lads.

Alan Esdaile… Likewise I don’t know much about them but terrible loss of life and more so at such a young age.

Janine Anne Scott… Very sad .

Alan Mitchell… RIP, a sad loss.

Paul Crimin… Very sad.

Andy Qunta… Very sad indeed. I admit I had not heard of them before, but of course any time something like this happens to a band, it hits home. More so, in this case, as they came from Warrington, as I did.

Colin Norton… Very sad news indeed. RIP.

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