Sunday Club – Hastings Pier

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supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Here’s my membership card to the legendary “Sunday Club” on The Pier> I believe it started in 67 and Jimi Hendrix was one of the first to appear(and probably the biggest name). When did it cease to be. It was started to get around Sunday licencing laws because no alchohol and music was aloud unless in a club.

Andre Martin…..The amazing thing when looking at all these posters/adverts for the bands that appeared on the Pier and other venues, it was not necessary to stay up half the night – most shows were over by 11.45 except for special occasions, and Sunday licencing hours were even stricter for Ballrooms – usually 11.00pm and it had to be membership admission. Interesting how things have changed today

Alan Esdaile…..I think most of the Sunday clubs finished at 10.00, as I had school next day! You had to be a member but the membership was free.

Martin Richter….weren`t sunday clubs a way of getting round “no dancing” laws?

Andre Martin….Yes, because there was a no dancing law on Sundays, Good Friday and another day, I cant remember – and that dance venue ie Ballrooms had to have a local authority Licence for such activities – think it was an A licence and this also controlled the numbers allowed at any one time in the venue, To get round this law, and because clubs were exempt, what Ballroom owners ie The Pier had to do was create a club in legal terms for their Sunday Night activities, with membership cards etc. The law was very complicated in many ways, but as the local magistrates were the authority – these rules had to be followed. I think that it changed in the late 1970s.

Alex Chapman… I wondered what the Sunday Club was. Just found this from the 60’s.


supplied by Alex Chapman

Martin Richter… I believe you are right Alan 🙂 I *think* it`s part of a “section 67” license (the laws governing nightclubs) – since repealed? I think it was the “dancing” that was the problem?


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