Gramophone – Rowan Atkinson in Not the 9 O’Clock News – Know someone like this?

Alan Esdaile… Have posted this before but still extremely funny.

Colin Norton… RIP Mel Smith

Len Smith… Felt like him yesterday when i went to Currys to replace my amp and was told dont sell them anymore, when I asked how do I play CD’s through my player without an amp was told that people dont play CD’s anymore they all down load!

Will Cornell… Know someone like that? Are you talking customer or the retail crew? This is hilarious….but unfortunately I’ve seen many retailers that are like that and they are the first ones to complain about how Wal-Mart steals all their business.

Alan Esdaile… I would be the customer Will. Still shop assistants over here that make you feel small, expect you the customer to know everything, when they should be the experts, speak to you in a language you understand and educate you.

Will Cornell… I’d recommend everyone search out a film from 2010 called “Sound of Noise”–a Swedish film. Artsy percussionist terrorists create havoc in a Swedish city. The cop who gets the case is from a musically gifted family but he’s the black sheep. Totally tone deaf. Since the terrorists leave a metronome at the scene of each crime, he starts combing music stores to find out if any clues can be had. First store he goes into, the owner/employee whatever is…you guessed it, barely paying attention to him, but deep in thought picking out a tune on guitar. He finally looks up at the cop/customer. “Do you sell these”. “No, we sell THESE!”, shoving a $30 Korg tuner/metronome at him, and going back to his guitar playing. The cop walks around the store and finds a shelf loaded with metronomes exactly like that he came in with. Should be mandatory viewing for every retailer the world over, esp those guitar shops that keep whining about the competition. Oh and by the way, the movie is really entertaining overall.

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