Alan (Big Al) Ryder R.I.P.


Alan (Big Al) Ryder (on the left) in Midnight Shift in 1974

Glynn Brown says… Alan (Big Al) Ryder 1948 – 2016. Very saddened to hear of the passing last week in Hants of Alan (Big Al) Ryder the original Lead Guitarist of Hastings group the Midnight Shift 1973 – 1976. In 1973 Al formed the Midnight Shift with Glynn Brown, vocals; Chris Clayton, drummer and Gordon Turner, bass guitar. The group played at local pubs and clubs and even travelled to the Isle of Wight to play their style of Teddy Boy Rock n Roll. Alan Ryder was born in Hastings in 1948 and later moved with his parents to Birmingham, he claimed to have played in the Downbeats with Roy Wood and then he played in a touring Gospel Group. In the early 1970’s Alan moved back to Hastings, with the advent of Disco Alan yearned for the raw excitement of early Rock n Roll and so the Midnight Shift found its niche in the pub music scene to appreciative audiences.   I understand the funeral service will be in Hants on the 22nd of this month.  A talented musician, Alan will be sorely missed.

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