Hastings Rock Radio 1993 & 1995



supplied from www.hastingsrock.co.uk

April 1995 photo feature… L-R Johnny Diamond, Michael Burr, Jon Robson, Colin Bell, Alan Mills, last on right Andy James.

Roy Penfold… Happy New Year Alan! Is it possible that the chap in the middle with blue shirt is Adrian Barnett? If not, an old school friend has a stunt double going round!

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Roy but the guy in the blue shirt is definitely Colin Bell.

Nick Prince… As listed then definately Colin Bell, definately Alan Mills, unknown, Andy James.

Scalliwags 2nd reunion 30th April 2016.

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Kevin Burchett… the Scalliwags reunion tickets are on sale in Seconds Away Kings Road St Leonards

Alan Esdaile… For people who live away, happy to pass on your details to Kevin Burchett.

Kevin Burchett… the tickets for the 2nd scalliwags reunion are on sale now from seconds away in kings road st leonards . we have now sold over 200, so if your thinking of going get them early because last years was a sellout and a lot of people were dissapointed. in aid of 2 local charities thanks Kevin.



Hastings Rock presents Factory and Roger Carey – Marina Fountain 29th April 2016


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Hastings Rock launches on April 29th (The eve of the broadcast) with a legendary local band! Hastings Rock radio starts at midnight!

Teresa Qunta… Can’t wait!!!!

Yvonne Cleland… Me neither!

Tony Davis… What a way to start this years Hastings Rock. Can’t wait to see Factory again and get back behind the Hastings Rock microphone

Tony Court-holmes… not again i am going to miss it.

Teresa Qunta… Hi everyone! We’ve chosen, as our second official reunion gig, to help launch the Hastings Rock broadcast 2016. Andy is making the trip over to make Factory four again. Yay! Three more bits of good news here: i) this is an opportunity to raise money for a great charity, St. Michael’s Hospice. ii) our old friend and bass player extraordinaire, Roger Carey, will be opening for us. iii) it will be your first opportunity to get your mits on our long awaited album, “BACK IN THE TIME MACHINE”! So a double launch party. What an evening it’s going to be! Oh, the date…..29th April. And the venue……tell you what – see the poster above! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Sarah Harvey… Tickets now available on line in the Hastings Rock Shop(Click on shop underneath Hastings Rock banner). Buy and collect at the door, or have them posted. You choose. http://www.hastingsrock.co.uk


DAB radio problems in the Hastings area.


Sarah Harvey… If you are regular listeners to Planet Rock or Absolute 80s or certain other stations on DAB, and you live in the Hastings area….. you are about to lose the station, or at least find the station un-listenable….Absolute 80s and Planet Rock, a few of the UK’s most popular digital-only stations are two of the stations making the move to the new multiplex this week, leaving behind its previous home on the national Digital 1 network.
For listeners, this means DAB coverage will drop from around 90% to around 75% of the UK. Notably in places such as East Anglia and the south-west, reception of the station will no longer be possible on DAB. So if Absolute 80s now reads “Absolute 80s old” on your display and Planet Rock “zPlanet Rock”, and you don’t have another version in your station list after retuning, you’re about to lose the stations.
Its all about cost ad the new SDL network is cheaper than the old Digital 1 network.

Ernest Ballard… That’s so shitte if I loose my signal here in Plymouth. I bought a DAB to listen and tune in to planet rock.

Peter Thomson…. I wondered what the ‘z’ was for! Maybe I’ll start walking about with a satellite dish on my head… I had noticed Planet Rock had become a little diluted of late anyway. Come back Rick Wakeman!

Andre Martin… Thanks for that infor, I will have to check out what other DAB stations will go.

Jim Hobbs… How crap is that? … I had no idea we were about to lose some popular DAB stations including Planet Rock. I understood that DAB would be extended not reduced in coverage with a view to closing FM transmissions. Maybe we can have Radio Caroline instead available in a couple of DAB areas.

Jan Davies… There is a Planet Rock petition which I’d be really grateful if you’d sign and share please? https://www.change.org/p/bauer-media-petition-to-ask-bauer-media-to-keep-planet-rock-nationwide   Thank you!

Sarah Harvey… Join me Sarah for an hour of rock music on Monday 2nd May 2016 at 2pm with Darren Reddick. Be prepared for plenty of memories and mentions about Hastings Pier. DAB Digital Radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730 online and on mobile. http://www.planetrock.com

Hastings Pier opens 27th April 2016


Hastings Pier will begin a phased reopening to the public on Wednesday 27th April following two years renovation works at a cost of £14.2m.

Closed for safety reasons in 2008 and virtually destroyed by the fire of October 2010 a local action group raised the funds to rebuild the 140 year-old structure, the lion’s share from an £11.4m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The pier opens initially with a full service bar and restaurant in the newly renovated Pavilion building plus a traditional funfair. The café and roof terrace in the new The Deck at Hastings Pier building will open over the next few days.

A short season of open air film screenings continues the opening, starting on Thursday 12th May with Re: A Pier the story of the renovation of Hastings Pier told by local film-maker, Archie Lauchlan followed by Jaws on the Friday and what is thought to be the first ever outdoor screening of Star Wars – the Force Awakens on Saturday 14th. May.

Work will continue on the digital archive of the pier’s history including oral memories and memorabilia to be digitally available from the Lower Deck archive room once the computer systems have been installed and tested. The archive will also be online once all systems are in place.

The pier will be fully open for the planned gala celebration of the completion of the works on Saturday 21st May when Madness will headline a day of exploring the musical heritage of the pier following a formal opening ceremony that morning.

Grundy – Warrior Gate St Leonards 1984


supplied by Peter Millington. Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present 


Pete Millington… Grundy as Bob Posner joined. Probably one of the most popular groups in Hastings for over 40 years and still going. L-R Bob Posner Bass Guitar/Vocals, Nigel Davies Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals RIP , Clive Davies Guitar/Vocals, Kirk Ronchetti Drums.

Bob Posner… 1984 I had the pub from 1979 to the end of 84 then I took it on again for another Five years from 1987. (Glutton for punishment) then I had the Old King John for a number of years.. Pub pic, left to right… Me, Nigel Davies, Clive Davies, Kirk Ronchetti. As a matter of interest and memories as you can tell from the pumps in the pic. (The hand pumps were in the top bar) it was still a Whitbreads pub (before the mergers and monopolies commission).

Where can I get The Factory CD from?


Keep getting asked where people can buy this from. 

So far…. Available NOW ON ITUNES  https://itun.es/us/rna0bb
physical copy… www.cdbaby.com/cd/factory1
AND they will be available at the Marina Fountain gig on April 29th!

Teresa Qunta… It’s available on iTunes and Amazon as download (physical copies will be available on Amazon soon) and there will be some available at the Marina Fountain gig next week. OMG NEXT WEEK!!!! YAY!

Tony May… I bumped into Lol Cooksey dragging a suitcase in the town centre earlier today! Congratulated him and the band on the release of their first album and bought my copy from him. Nice to see some long standing local heroes doing well and great to be able to show my support!

Mick O’Dowd… I’ve chipped in to their pension fund as well!

Geoff Peckham… Cheers, Mick. You’re welcome to stay on my yacht in Monté Carlo any time!

Jim Breeds… Was it a suitcase full of CDs? I’m biding my time on the purchase. I want all 4 signatures on it on Friday night! Or there’ll be trouble!