Dexys Midnight Runners photos from Mick Bolton

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supplied by Mick Bolton 

Mick Bolton…  Thanks for sharing this to the group Alan. Some photos of Dexys Midnight Runners – had a great time recording and touring with them in ’84 and ’85 – with Vincent Crane (of Atomic Rooster) on piano and me on Hammond organ. I believe Dexys played on the pier, though that was before my time with them. There’s quite a story behind the track ‘The Way You Look Tonight’. Kevin Rowland had left the studio to do a photo-shoot or something. Just for a bit of relief from the rigours of recording, I started playing some old pub songs on the piano and some of the others were messing around singing and playing along. Kevin walked in and said ‘do you know this one?’ We ran through it just once and he said ‘OK, let’s record it.’ None of us learned any parts, we just improvised through it, including the crescendo and the ending. It’s become a real favourite with Dexys fans – maybe because it sounds so spontaneous – so I’m pleased to have been the accidental instigator of this track. This is a different band from the touring band, including Woody Woodmansey on drums.

John Austin… Saw them on the pier ! Brilliant !

Alan Esdaile… 12th June 1980 they appeared on the pier.

Rare concert tickets – 1969 – 1970 supplied by Pete Fisher

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supplied by Pete Fisher – more tickets to follow

Pete Fisher… (1) Jethro Tull, Savoy Brown, Brighton Dome 03.10.69, (2) The Who, London Coliseum 14.12.69
The Who premiere “Tommy” live, (3) Ten Years After, Blodwyn Pig, Stone the Crows Royal Albert Hall 15,12,69, (4) John Mayall, Royal Albert Hall, London 15.05.70 This was post Bluesbreakers, when John Mayall was touring the “Turning Point” album, opting to do without a drummer in this lineup, (5) The Nice, Yes, Royal Festival Hall, London 07.02.70. I had a mate at Hastings Grammar School, John Davis (anyone remember/still in touch with him?), who played bass, and organised the tickets for all of these concerts, an amazing number of big acts in a short period…I must have saved up all my pocket money/Christmas and birthday money and done odd jobs to fund these outings!!