No Hastings Pier ticket join The Madness “Nutty Train” Mile in Bottle Alley by Steve Hall



Saturday, May 21 at 6 PM – 11 PM

Steve Hall… There are quite a few locals who are massive Madness fans that couldn’t get tickets for the Pier gig, so I think a Madness Party in the newly re-furbished Bottle Alley and on the beach is the next best thing.

I would like to try and set a new World Record for the number of people dancing the “Madness Nutty Train”, with everyone wearing Fedora Hats and Black Sun Glasses ( clothes optional, well it is Hastings!) on the 21st May 2016, the day Madness play live at the Pier opening.

The idea is to get everyone into Bottle Alley, dance the length of it,(1/2 mile) come out and up onto the Promenade, dance along the Promenade (1/2 mile) and then back into Bottle Alley. One Massive Madness Nutty Train! The Madness Mile!.

The World Record attempt would be made at around 9pm when Madness are playing live on the Pier.

Any donations received on the night will be going to the “Hastings and St Leonard’s Voluntary Lifeguard Club”, who do a brilliant job on the Hastings and St Leonard’s beaches.

I have made contact with Anglo Management (Madness News Team) and this is their reply:

“It will take some time to get individual approval from the band members but I can’t see any reason why there would be an objection, you are well within your rights to do it as you please, as far as I can tell”.

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Andre Martin… Thats one of the reasons for all the work on getting Bottle Alley back as a community space and something that is loved by the people, this could be a good way to tie in with the opening of the New Pier.

Pete Millington… Good thinking Andre.

Mick O’Dowd… Brilliant idea but wouldn’t it be better to have it earlier so families could take part and swell the numbers?

Alex Chapman… I am guessing that he chose that time so that people who work on Saturdays are able to attend?

Steve Hall… The event is now cancelled.



Rare Bird – Hastings Pier 1972?

rare bird 1972?? hastings pier from pete fisher Rare Bird, Hastings Pier 1972? - 2 pete fisher

photos by Pete Fisher

Barry Newton… Is this the same RARE BIRD had a single released , Sympathy ?

Alan Esdaile… Same one Barry and still sounds excellent.

Barry Newton… I knew the band vaguley a long time ago. My brother had a flat in Battersea, by the park, and they lived in the flat above and I would visit for the parties. I used to leave the 58 club, jump on a fast motorbike and arrive when things were getting lively. Great times.

Alan Esdaile… Pete, the Rare Bird photos weren’t from 1974 when they supported Barclay James Harvest on the pier? Looks like you think this is 71/72 anyone confirm a date? I think the keyboard player is David Kaffinetti who went on to play Viv Savage in This is Spinal Tap?

Chris Sambrook… Former Rare Bird Keyboard player  David Kaffinetti did join Spinal Tap as Viv Savage on Keyboards.  He only spoke the words”Have a good time, all the time”.

Cliff Wootton… I remember that gig. Den & I had front row seats over on the right. Nice to see some pics. We didn’t have a camera with us that night.

Pete Fisher… As Chris Sambrook confirmed, it is indeed David Kaffinetti in this photo, who was one of the two keyboard players in the band and who went on to play Viv Savage in Spinal Tap.

Mick Bolton… I auditioned for Rare Bird when they were looking for a keyboard player – didn’t get the job though. It would have been in ’72 or early ’73 I think.

Alan Esdaile… Just as well Mick, otherwise you might have missed out on Mott The Hoople.