Rare Bird – Hastings Pier 1972?

rare bird 1972?? hastings pier from pete fisher Rare Bird, Hastings Pier 1972? - 2 pete fisher

photos by Pete Fisher

Barry Newton… Is this the same RARE BIRD had a single released , Sympathy ?

Alan Esdaile… Same one Barry and still sounds excellent.

Barry Newton… I knew the band vaguley a long time ago. My brother had a flat in Battersea, by the park, and they lived in the flat above and I would visit for the parties. I used to leave the 58 club, jump on a fast motorbike and arrive when things were getting lively. Great times.

Alan Esdaile… Pete, the Rare Bird photos weren’t from 1974 when they supported Barclay James Harvest on the pier? Looks like you think this is 71/72 anyone confirm a date? I think the keyboard player is David Kaffinetti who went on to play Viv Savage in This is Spinal Tap?

Chris Sambrook… Former Rare Bird Keyboard player  David Kaffinetti did join Spinal Tap as Viv Savage on Keyboards.  He only spoke the words”Have a good time, all the time”.

Cliff Wootton… I remember that gig. Den & I had front row seats over on the right. Nice to see some pics. We didn’t have a camera with us that night.

Pete Fisher… As Chris Sambrook confirmed, it is indeed David Kaffinetti in this photo, who was one of the two keyboard players in the band and who went on to play Viv Savage in Spinal Tap.

Mick Bolton… I auditioned for Rare Bird when they were looking for a keyboard player – didn’t get the job though. It would have been in ’72 or early ’73 I think.

Alan Esdaile… Just as well Mick, otherwise you might have missed out on Mott The Hoople.

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