The Paul Brady Band in 1986.


supplied by Mick Bolton

Mick Bolton… How many friends can you get into a caravan the size of a postage stamp? The Paul Brady Band 1986 – outside the sheer unashamed luxury of our dressing room at a German festival. Stephen D Fletcher, Jennifer Maidman, Paul Brady, Timothy Goldsmith, Mick Bolton, Geoffrey Richardson – and probably the tour manager Milo Lewis behind the camera. Reminds me of an episode of Father Ted.

Tim Bruce… Or an episode of Cradle To The Grave….

Mick Bolton… I had no idea at that time that I would ever move to Hastings, though I’d visited the town on day trips and loved it. I remember Paul Brady talking about two of his former musicians who lived here – I thought ‘why would a musician want to live in a place like Hastings, so far from London?!’ They were Kenny Craddock (whom I replaced on Hammond organ) and Liam Genockey who later rejoined him and has worked with him for many years. Most of the band, including Liam, also played with The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Geoff Richardson has been a member of Caravan for many years.


Beatles Day 17 – White Rock Theatre Hastings Sunday 3rd April 2016.


Jon McCallion… Looks good.

Beat the queues…. On Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March 2016 there will be a Beatles Day stall in Priory Meadow, Hastings where you can buy your tickets, t-shirts and raffle tickets! So why not beat the queues and get them in advance. Tickets are £12.50, £7.50 for children aged 5-14 years or £30 for a family ticket which admits 2 adults and up to 3 children aged 14 and under. Raffle tickets are only £1 each with 100 prizes up for grabs. Come along and show your support for Hastings Beatles Day and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Alan Esdaile… favourite songs difficult as so many to choose but I would properly go for, A Day In The Life, And I Love Her, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Don’t Let Me Down.

Peter Millington… The Night Before, Taxman

Tim Moose Bruce… Dear Prudence.

Jim Breeds… Depends on my mood. And the weather. And how many coffees I’ve had. And I usually find it’s the track that I’m listening to at the time. 🙂

Sheila Maile… Pretty Rita Meter Maid, all you need is love, I wanna hold your hand. In fact I love all Beatles songs.

Sam Rosewell… Top five in no particular: And I Love Her; For No one; Helter Skelter; Twist and Shout; Rain. There are many, many more….

Steve Amos… Tomorrow never knows, Fool on the Hill, Penny Lane, Rain…

Robert Searle… I feel fine , Please Please Me.

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Neil Cartwright & Barry French in France – Anyone got a mic stand?

Neil & Barry pub in france Neil & Barry pub in france copy

supplied by Barry French

Barry French… This photo was taken during a family break with Neil at his home in northern France.
The two of us had been in the local Bar earlier that day for a drink.
After our beverage the Landlord came over to our table & began an in-depth conversation with Neil (All in French) When the discussion was concluded the Landlord shook me by the hand & kissed me on the cheek ( A bit over the top for buying two bottles of Becks I thought).
On the way back to Neil’s place I asked “What was that all about” Neil sheepishly replied “I’ve just got us a gig there” “When?” I asked “In a couple of hours” replied Neil.
Well to say that Neil was a little short of gear was an understatement. He had a small guitar amp, a Yamaha Pacifica guitar (Which was quite nice) and the amp and speakers from his stereo, which we transformed into a PA system.Neil found a couple of microphones & all seemed ready to go. I sat down & scribbled down some tunes which I thought we could get away with, & we proceeded to load the car. “Where do you keep the Microphone stands” I asked “Ah” said Neil “I haven’t got those” I looked around Neil’s Living room & there in the corner was an old fashioned wooden lamp-stand. Well ,under normal circumstances I have a high regard for other peoples property, but in this instance I pretty much ripped the shade of the Lamp stand & shouted “This will do” Neil found a music stand which he said ” I’ll sellotape a microphone to this & sit down & play (Neil’s not very tall & I still think he could have stood up & played) The gig? The place was packed, we went down really well, & we were paid in the universal currency of food & drink & had had a great time.
The two songs that went down a storm & had to play again? Johnny B Goode & Mustang Sally!!!!.