SMART coffee meet 27 – Friday 15th April 2016

SMART invite 27 RIGHT

Mick O’Dowd… Where are you John Wilde? I’ve run out of sherbert lemons!

John Wilde… I am in Seattle.

Geoff Peckham… The Factrio boys are pleased they have the new CD. They can now listen to it and remember how all the songs went in time for Andy’s return in two weeks. And so can you! It’s available from Saturday. (Although there may be some copies to purchase at the Friday SMART meeting.)


Darren Paul Johnson… Just moved to Hastings but this sounds just my sort of thing so hope to come along.

Alan Esdaile… You are most welcome to join us Darren.

Darren Paul Johnson… Thanks – I write a music blog here which covers a lot of classic 60s/.70s rock

Sarah Harvey… I will have some tickets with me at the SMART meeting on Friday for The Factory Hastings Rock gig on 29th April 2016 The Marina Fountain….. be prepared for me to nag you to buy some. I can be a right nag-bag.

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