Ray Fenwick’s White Lightning – 1980

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Pete Prescott, Ray Fenwick, Terry Pack and Pete Shaw.


Pete Prescott….yes early 1980.taken to promote the single shine it on me.we were told to look mean and serious.we look like we are suppressing a fart ! ray ran the session.most bands were trying to look like van halen. . . we were more blue peter.

What was the single like?

Terry Pack….The playing and singing were good. Nice arpeggiated guitar part over a pedal bass. Good hook in the chorus. Lacked a bridge. Lyrics a series of unconnected cliches. A song of two repaying sections: verse, chorus x n, choruses till fade. One key: no melodic, harmonic, lyrical or instrumental variation or development. Little dynamic variation except in the drum part. I had to overdub a second bass part, down the octave from the top, because Ray wanted the beginning to be as weighty as the end(?!). This was a recurring theme on dozens of sessions: I would use dynamics and rhythmic variation to build a song from start to finish, and Ray would ask me to come in all guns blazing at the top.

Pete Shaw….Got it on my Wurlitzer 2600 S which lives in my kitchen….and yes PP, what was I trying to say with those clothes! Only the scarf still fits (although that’s a bit tight!!)…..it felt important for all of us at that time….we were all trying hard to get on and pay the mortgage!!