SMART 27 coffee meet report

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Horrible drizzly day but the sun was shining inside The White Rock Hotel. Among the newbies this time were Cris and Merv Kennard and Darren Johnson. Cris had a great photo of The Krusaders from 1963 featuring Roger & David Barnett and David & Tony Booth. Merv had photos of when he was a very popular dj, running the FM Disco and also the Pirate Disco in the mid 70’s. Darren had some interesting stories to tell about the bands he has seen and shared through his popular blog. Barry French brought along a rare Focus programme from 1976, No Limit and Grundy cassettes and Lost 4 Words cd. Pete Prescott impressed everyone by arriving clutching a Disc Jockey album record shop bag, full of local related band vinyl albums & singles. Including Tich Turner’s Escalator, Jo Jo Laine & The Firm, Ray Fenwicks White Lightning, Sergeant, Forcefield, Teenbeats, Johnny Mars plus loads more and Mick O’Dowd had with him his updated pier cuttings and photos folders. Chat was about Archie’s film, the opening of the pier, BBC’s peoples history of pop, Essence, Scalliwags reunion, Curved Air, The Sundowners. Hastings Rock radio, Butch, Madness and the success of Beatles Day. Also great to see a number of people buying tickets for The Factory gig and the very first copies of the Factory cd. This is just a small bit of what I remember, anything interesting I missed or you were chatting about please feel free to add.

Jim Breeds… Sorry we didn’t make it. Driving home through the forecasted thunderstorms put us off. Fairweather SMARTers!

Cliff Wootton… Just been enjoying the new Factory CD on repeat play in the office while I work. So glad I got this at the SMART meet the other day. The more you listen the more it grows on you.

Geoff Peckham… That’s kind of you to say that, Cliff. Really chuffed that you like it!

Tony Davis… Love the new Factory CD. Looking forward to hearing the guys live on the 29th and playing something on my Hastings Rock show on 30th. Great sounds guys.

Andy Qunta… Thanks for your kind words, Tony!

Lucy Pappas… Can’t wait to get my copy x

The Zoobies



photo by Liz & John Beeching via Yvonne Cleland

John Wilde & Joe Rytlewski

John Wilde… Did the Zoobies happen? Or did I imagine it all?

Phil Thornton… it did happen. I liked the Zoobies ….. heavy on the angst !

John Wilde…Listen…all i know is i fort ov the name. then i passed out for a yeer

Jon Stiles… Eddie and the Hot Rods…who nicked our mics….??

High Beech Country Club – Sounds Chris James with Carol, The New Pennies March 1973, Bob Barter Apollo Sounds, Brenda Blackman 14th April 1973

high beach march 73 14th april 1973 high beech

Chris Giles… Shame High Beech can’t open again.

Janine Anne Scott… Fabulous. I worked up there every Saturday with Ted Crouch around 1973/4. I’m in touch with Brenda , Alan .

Alan Esdaile…Hope you can pass it on Janine and see what memories she has.