Victoria Wood dies


photo: MAG (Mines Advisory Group) –

Barry Hilton… 😉 That’s a great memory! When I first heard that, i very very nearly peed myself! lol

Roxine Lucas… Another good 1 gone she used 2 crack me up with her songs r i p Victoria god bless x

Julie Bryant… RIP

John Austin… Very sad. Such a talented woman. Can’t believe how many celebrities we are losing this year !

Alan Esdaile… Agree Barry. I remember when she was on That’s Life, trying to turn something that happened during the week into a comedy song. It didn’t always work and often feel flat but she continued and proved to be an excellent writer and performer.Very sad loss and far too young, R.I.P. Victoria Wood.

Tony Davis… Thanks for the laughs and the memories Victoria R.I.P.

Jim Breeds… Saw her live at the London Palladium. 1980s I’d guess. Hilarious! Such a sad loss. Another member of the 62 club. Feeling nervous! And we’ll never forget her hit See My Baby Jive, of course!

Mike Curtis… Saw her at the White Rock many years ago. Brilliant.

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