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Tony May… This looks like a really great website folks! Plenty of old photos, audio histories and the like.

Peter Fairless… Some interesting stuff, there, but also some surprising omissions and not the easiest to navigate.

Missing Persons – Simon Fuller Easybeat Entertainments and spoof telegram 1979.

img216 Missing Persons Telegram-1

 card supplied by Roger Carey            telegram supplied by Andy Knight

Stuart Moir…”Now a very rich man !!”

Redstar Richter….”steve winterbottom?”

Andy Knight… Spoof telegram to Missing Persons when we were managed by Simon Fuller who practised on us I think and got it right with the Spice Girls!

Singer Prince dies


Prince performing at Coachella 2008 Micahmedia at en.wikipedia

Jim Hobbs… Shit, I can’t keep up with all these heroes dying!

Neil Cartwright… Yet another? It gets tempting to believe that there’s some cosmic force at work here.

Alan Esdaile… Shocking news, very talented performer and many great tracks. R.I.P. Prince.

Peter Fairless… Raspberry Beret, great track.

Alan Esdaile… Good track but my favourite is When Doves Cry.

Peter Fairless… So many to choose from, Alan.

Andy Qunta… Too many good artists!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… We have said goodbye to many great people this year, so sad

Patricia Landamore… Really sad , such a different age between, makes you think, just do it eh

Virginia Davis… I know I’m getting older but there appears to be so many already this year.

Caz Simpson… He evidently played Heroes as a tribute to Bowie. I can’t find it ‘all content removed’. Loved Prince.. RIP

Rolling Stone Magazine says… No offense to Petty, Lynne and Winwood, but the first few minutes of this performance feel like a slightly stale retread of the star-studded version at 2002’s Concert for George. Then Prince steps in with a soaring solo and changes everything. He shreds so hard that he nearly falls off the stage — and he still looks cool. Where was he for the Hendrix tribute back in ’92?!

Kevin Sherwood… Brilliant.

Paul Dove… LEGEND. R I P . Prince

Paul Bridgett… The talent of the man..ENJOY YOU WILL.

Phil Thornton… yup.

Dennis Wootton… Can never tire watching, in awe.

Jon McCallion… A great track.

Alan Pepper… Such a big loss – some artists seem destined to pass early in life so as to be remembered forever young and what a fantastic artist he was ! I remember Eric Clapton when asked how did it feel being the best guitarist in the world ? He said I don’t know you’d better ask Prince ! Respect . My favorite has to be Purple Rain . Hendrix + Little Richard + James Brown = PRINCE ?!?


Hastings Rock – DJ’s from Previous Years.

Supplied by Wendy Weaver.

tony christian 2006 mick williams dominic press 2009

nigel ford joffie lovett 2013 dawn wildman 2012 clive garrard 2010

andy gunton 2010 john hinckley 2010 simon halsey 2009 paul williams

barry james 2008 ralph winser 2010 nick prince  alan mills 2006

nick thomas 1996 johnny diamond 2010 brian simms simon veness 1994

terry kane 1996 ian harling 2009 steve dack & ralph winser 2011 nick thomas & jon robson 1996

tony lewis & angie loveless kayleigh apps 2011  img088group 2013

(1) Mike Brill (2) Mick Williams, (3) Dominic Press, (4) Nigel Ford, (5) Joffie Lovett, (6) Dawn Wildman, (7) Clive Garrard, (8) Andy Gunton (9) John Hinkley, (10) Simon Halsey, (11) Paul Williams, (12) Barry James, (13) Ralph Winser, (14) Nick Prince,  (15) Alan Mills, (16) Nick Thomas, (17) Johnny Diamond, (18) Brian Simms, (19) Simon Veness,  (20) Terry Kane, (21) Ian Harling, (22) Steve Dack, (23) Nick Thomas & Jon Robson, (24) Tony Lewis & Angie Loveless, (25) Kayleigh Apps, (26) (27) Group photos.

Martin Richter… a killing joke t-shirt – good call 🙂 i had the t-shirt & the poster 🙂

Barry M Dyke… Do I see Simon Davies there?

Alan Esdaile… Sorry Barry M Dyke, no luck so far in finding any photos of Simon Davies (Tony Kane). Very much missed. If anyone has any it would be nice to see.

Brian Dade… The chap in the pale t.shirt is Radio Caroline’s Mike Brill.

Joe Knight… all doing a great job

Les Antink… No Tony Christian in this set of pictures, but I know he did do a set for HR.

John Harding… And missing the ones who aren’t there this year.

Hastings Rock Radio DJ’s – early photos

img039 img040 img042 img041

img043  img045 img044 img046

img049 11196342_10153267978509287_4565942535267512590_n

photos supplied by Wendy Weaver. (8) The band playing at Venue M George Street are The Passion Killers from Bognor Regis, (9) disco outside The Robert De Mortain, (10) Martin

more dj’s on other pages

Robert Searle… Johnny Diamond a voice of Hastings Rock

Clive Garrard… Martin who did several years on Sunday afternoons. He came from Surrey.