Hastings Rock – DJ’s from Previous Years.

Supplied by Wendy Weaver.

tony christian 2006 mick williams dominic press 2009

nigel ford joffie lovett 2013 dawn wildman 2012 clive garrard 2010

andy gunton 2010 john hinckley 2010 simon halsey 2009 paul williams

barry james 2008 ralph winser 2010 nick prince  alan mills 2006

nick thomas 1996 johnny diamond 2010 brian simms simon veness 1994

terry kane 1996 ian harling 2009 steve dack & ralph winser 2011 nick thomas & jon robson 1996

tony lewis & angie loveless kayleigh apps 2011  img088group 2013

(1) Mike Brill (2) Mick Williams, (3) Dominic Press, (4) Nigel Ford, (5) Joffie Lovett, (6) Dawn Wildman, (7) Clive Garrard, (8) Andy Gunton (9) John Hinkley, (10) Simon Halsey, (11) Paul Williams, (12) Barry James, (13) Ralph Winser, (14) Nick Prince,  (15) Alan Mills, (16) Nick Thomas, (17) Johnny Diamond, (18) Brian Simms, (19) Simon Veness,  (20) Terry Kane, (21) Ian Harling, (22) Steve Dack, (23) Nick Thomas & Jon Robson, (24) Tony Lewis & Angie Loveless, (25) Kayleigh Apps, (26) (27) Group photos.

Martin Richter… a killing joke t-shirt – good call 🙂 i had the t-shirt & the poster 🙂

Barry M Dyke… Do I see Simon Davies there?

Alan Esdaile… Sorry Barry M Dyke, no luck so far in finding any photos of Simon Davies (Tony Kane). Very much missed. If anyone has any it would be nice to see.

Brian Dade… The chap in the pale t.shirt is Radio Caroline’s Mike Brill.

Joe Knight… all doing a great job

Les Antink… No Tony Christian in this set of pictures, but I know he did do a set for HR.

John Harding… And missing the ones who aren’t there this year.

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