Hastings Rock Radio 1993 & 1995



supplied from www.hastingsrock.co.uk

April 1995 photo feature… L-R Johnny Diamond, Michael Burr, Jon Robson, Colin Bell, Alan Mills, last on right Andy James.

Roy Penfold… Happy New Year Alan! Is it possible that the chap in the middle with blue shirt is Adrian Barnett? If not, an old school friend has a stunt double going round!

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Roy but the guy in the blue shirt is definitely Colin Bell.

Nick Prince… As listed then definately Colin Bell, definately Alan Mills, unknown, Andy James.

Scalliwags 2nd reunion 30th April 2016.

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Kevin Burchett… the Scalliwags reunion tickets are on sale in Seconds Away Kings Road St Leonards

Alan Esdaile… For people who live away, happy to pass on your details to Kevin Burchett.

Kevin Burchett… the tickets for the 2nd scalliwags reunion are on sale now from seconds away in kings road st leonards . we have now sold over 200, so if your thinking of going get them early because last years was a sellout and a lot of people were dissapointed. in aid of 2 local charities thanks Kevin.