Disc Jockey early 7″ singles record bag


supplied by Alan Oliver

Alan Oliver… I’ve just found this bag in a box of old bits and pieces. I must have bought a record in or around 1987!

Martin Richter… it`s older than that! – look at the phone number!

Alan Oliver… In which case I must have bought a record when I was on my holidays. I lived in Hastings 1986-90 and was a holiday maker from 1969 – 1976!

Nick Prince… Our Price was well established by 1987. An educated guess of the Disc Jockey becoming Our Price 1984-85. I’m happy to be corrected though smile emoticon. The four number Hastings phone numbers became six numbers between October 1973 and early 1975. Although Silverhill area retained some three figure numbers until around 1978.

Alan Esdaile… Must be an early one as made of paper, great find Alan. Anyone got any other record bags that we haven’t seen here before?

Will Cornell… Tower’s bags were the best, and they gave you a free mag they published as well (and it wasn’t bad at all). And the good thing, they did have Tower over there in merrye olde, it was one of quite a few I shopped! PS: best receipt ever: from the original Rhino Records Shop in LA, found tucked inside my CD of “Golden Throats”.

Alan Oliver… On closer examination I have found creases which indicate that it was folded around a cassette that was purchased. In which case it would be 1973 and the cassette in question would have been the sound track to The Jungle Book, purchased by my girlfriend (Much later to become my ex wife!) as a present for her dad!

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