Premiere of Archie Lauchlan pier film RE: A PIER – Hastings Pier 12th May 2016.


Premiere of Archie Lauchlan pier film. Open air screening 7.00pm Hastings Pier 12th May 2016.

Archie Lauchlan… In 2006 I decided to make a documentary called A Year In The Life Of A Pier. 10 years later, after a series of twists and turns you just couldn’t make up (that’s why documentaries are the best) here it is. And now it’s a feature-length fully independent film called RE: A PIER. This Wednesday (6-4-2016) morning a 2-day pre-sales window for the event will open on the Luna Cinema website. Get in quick. Register today. Be there.

Sarah Harvey… Same night as the Hastings Retro Rock show on 87.7 FM …. how coincidental.

Phil Gill… I’m so looking forward to this Archie, it’s going to be brilliant.

Mick O’Dowd… At last! Well done Archie. Looking forward to this.

Colin Bell… Well done Archie. Great to see the final cut and to see the audience reaction. Happy to have contributed a small part to your epic. Have a well earned rest!

Sarah Harvey… Not sure what it is but a visit to the Pier makes me drink wine. Fantastic film by Archie …. truly stunning x

Archie Lauchlan…Below, view from the Luna Cinema screen: what an audience, what a town, what a night. Absolutely BRILLIANT, thanks so much to everyone who sat in the open air on Hastings Pier last night braving the cold and sharing the love. Thank you thank you thank you.

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           photo: Archie Lauchlan                                      photo: Kevin Burchett