Madness Hastings Pier – 21st May 2016 – Massive Success


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© all photos by Jim Breeds

Mike Curtis… It stayed dry! Brilliant show!

Alan Esdaile…  could hear clearly from inside my house what songs they were singing and looks like the whole of Hastings could. Well done to Madness and Hastings Pier.

Robert Searle… Unfortunately couldn’t hear this at Hailsham ,hope everyone had a great time

Matt Thomas… Was a great night

Lauren Gower… Great photos was a wonderful night, so amazing to be back on the pier with live music, I’ve missed that so much! Couldn’t stop smiling, although my knees hurt like hell today

Sally Hart… I’m setting up a knee brace kiosk for the next gig! Brilliant night worth the aches and pains.

Stuart Moir… Pity about the weather.

Phil Gill… I live in this town. It’s feckin’ awesome.

Jim Breeds… The weather was great.

Chris Giles… Fantastic night….and great to see a band on Hastings Pier. A little wet before hand… But once that stopped it was perfect weather… And it wasn’t even cold.

Tony Davis… Didn’t have a ticket but did join the crown of revellers of the promenade where you could hear clearly. Such a great atmosphere. The pier rocks again!

Gary Kinch… A great occasion. A bit of rain before the gig but completely dry with only a slight breeze for the rest of the evening. The Pier works again.

Mick O’Dowd… The Piers back and to show we can really shake it down!

Andre Martin… Yes it was a great way to ” re-open the Pier” for th3e future, its the peoples Pier – lets hope the People make full use of its potential, not everything will suit all, but lets keep the negative comments to ourselves.

Mick O’Dowd… Too right Andre. We got it back let’s make it happen!

Andy Knight… Which ever way you looked on the Pier tonight it was Hastings doing what it does best, looking amazing.

Nigel Ford… So pleased that it stayed fine down there, absolutely chucked it down in Battle with thunder!