Budgie – Breadfan

Thanks to Pete Fisher for suggesting this.

Pete Fisher… throwback to 1973, and a trio I was lucky to catch live a couple of times on Hastings Pier and quite a few others will remember…about seven years later I became a big fan of Rush, and Budgie’s bassist Burke Shelley bears some resemblance to Rush’s Geddy Lee, both in voice and appearance…the riff here reminded me of Motörhead, and again Budgie’s guitarist Tony Bourge made me think of Phil Campbell, who also happens to be Welsh…

Alan Esdaile… wonderful, many happy memories of seeing Budgie and still can’t understand why they were never a bigger and more successful band.

Pete Fisher… the vagaries of the music biz, lack of support from their management/label?? just checked Wikipedia, and they went on gigging right up to 2010, with only Burke Shelley left from the original line-up…he’s had to stop due to illness.

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