Turn Blue – Ha Ha Ha and Lifeforce remastered CD’s

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Turn Blue – Ha Ha Ha  E.P. CD and  Lifeforce CD.

Dave Arnold is a prolific artist, from poet, writer, musician, actor plus many more strings to his bow.

Very pleased to see he is revisiting his ‘Turn Blue’  period. 2 cd’s have just been released and are available from Bookbuster in Queens Road Hastings. Dave describes it as ‘an all out psych-sonic attack of the controversial and the mystical’ . The Ha Ha Ha 4 track ep,  remastered cd features Dave Arnold, John Carter, Keith Rodway and Paul Ray.  Some interesting, intense, bizarre but powerful driving hypnotic tracks with the scary feel Ha Ha Ha leaving the listener feeling uneasy yet wanting to hear more.  Lifeforce 12 track cd, very much in the same vein but check out the more laid back song ‘The Last Kiss’ which has ‘The Doors’ feel to it.  Also recommend ‘1989’ and the very strong and commercial ‘Those Eyes’. Watch out for The Addled Family remastered CD coming soon.

For more information contact: http://www.deadhappyrecords.co.uk/page2.html 

sample track…. https://soundcloud.com/vibezone/ha-ha-ha-turn-blue

Tony May… Look out for an in-depth article about Dave Arnold in the next edition of ‘Hastings Town’ magazine (July 2016) out on Wednesday…

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